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TGIF – November 22, 2019.

November 23, 2019

OK we admit it.  We did not watch every minute of the “impeachment inquiry” BS, as we are not into masochism.

But we did watch some of it, and if that drivel is going to be the basis of impeachment, we suggest buying your favorite liberal a truckload of crying towels for Christmas.

Between a brass-polishing Lt. Colonel, and the histrionics of Adam the Schiffter, this could have almost qualified as a comedy. Almost.

Mr., er, Lt. Colonel Vindman, like most of the rest of the cast, has a right to presume anything he wants. He can presume the moon is made of gouda, not green cheese, if he wants.

But good gravy, since when do we impeach a President on anyone’s presumptions?

This claptrap has long since gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, and if random comments are any indication, the Democrats are doing a lot more to re-elect Trump than is his own party.

More bad food.

According to the USDA, more than 97,000 lbs. of Romaine lettuce is adulterated with E. Coli. Honestly, how does this stuff get on our store shelves?

And in the same ABC article, apparently cottage cheese and chicken products are also unsafe to eat.

Maybe we’d better stick to real meat burgers?

About cheaper Rx prices.

Recently we saw an ad for a drug and in the fine print (very fine) it noted the drug’s retail price was $3,354 a  month. Of course the maker and some of the discounters noted that large discounts were available, but still, over three grand a month?

We do understand that some of the “overpricing” goes into research and development, but shouldn’t there be some other way to fund those endeavors?

Perhaps taxpayers could voluntarily contribute to a fund for R & D, and get a tax credit for it?

There’s gotta be a better way than taking it out of the hides of patients and insurance companies.

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