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A tip for a Happy Thanksgiving.

November 27, 2019

You’ve really got to wonder about people who view people on one side of our political spectrum as ISIS cultists, a definition reportedly given to Trump supporters by an MSNBC contributor by the name of  Malcolm Nance.

Does that presuppose that the people on the other side are members of some other cult, say Branch Davidians or some other “religious” cult?

All of this puerile name-calling has become not just ridiculous but counter-productive. Honestly, listening to some of these people makes one wonder if we are looking at a case of mass arrestment of brain development.

Assuming you are even paying attention to the impeachment folderol in Washington, (and many people aren’t) what good does it do to label every person with an opposing opinion as some sort of evil doer?

Still, this is bound to come up at the dinner table tomorrow. If you’re lucky, everyone at the table agrees and if you are not lucky, there won’t be much “happy” about the holiday.

My family (comprised of both Republicans and Democrats) had the perfect solution to this. In a nutshell, it was called “shut up and eat.”

Seriously, at my house you didn’t talk during dinner, unless it was to say pass the potatoes. The idea was that someone had spent a lot of time to produce a good meal, and letting the food sit around and get cold was no way to honor that effort.

Once the dishes were cleared and the leftovers were in the fridge, then we could sit around and gab all we wanted, and we did.

Try it.  You might like it.

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