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And a-w-a-a-a-y we go.

December 5, 2019

Well, she went and did it, to absolutely no one’s surprise. Of course we are referring to the oh-so-Catholic Nancy Pelosi giving the go-ahead on impeachment.

The thing is, we believe her when she says she doesn’t hate the President.

We do take issue with her hiding behind her ashes, however. This has nothing to do with faith. It’s just business.

It will be interesting to see what specific articles they come up with.

Apparently, going to the courts for legal opinions is “obstructing” and questioning Ukraine about the shenanigans surrounding the 2016 election is bribery, or quid pro quo or something.

One thing is for sure. All those ISIS-like cultists who voted for the President are pretty convinced this is just another step in the all-too-obvious attempt to pull off a coup.

As for good ol’ Joe the Smurf, let’s not forget he was part of the effort to stop the President from even being elected in yes, 2016. That’s bound to leave a mark.

So now we can quit speculating about “will they?” and sit back and see how they do at this impeachment thing.

In the meantime, is there any chance the House might get around to USMCA, or any of those dull and boring things they haven’t been doing?

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