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Impeachment, the flip side.

December 9, 2019

If you have been watching any of the coverage of the impeachment hearings and come away asking yourself “Is this all just a little bit too pat, too perfect?” we’ve got a deal for you.

While channel-hopping over the weekend we happened upon “Revealed – Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff’s Case.” an investigative piece on One America News.

This isn’t a channel we regularly watch, but given that the interviewees were three actual Ukrainian officials, it seemed worthwhile to hang around for a bit. If you fancy yourself a fair-minded individual, you might draw the same conclusion.

We aren’t presenting this with any conclusions.  You will however get a different slant than what has been presented up to now.  This isn’t “Fox News Sunday.” You can access the piece (which runs two hours, and still has another hour which was unaired as of Sunday night) on the website.

Bear in mind that the three officials are being interviewed here in the U.S. Three others ran into unexplained “visa difficulties” and couldn’t leave Ukraine. These aren’t hearsay witnesses.

Obviously Monday is not going to be a slow news day, but given the past history of results from the other Horowitz report, we would suggest that this is going to have approximately the same real news value as did the Mueller report. At worst, it will be a nothing-burger in terms of producing actual results.

At best it will raise questions about the validity of the FISA court process.

We have long said that ANY court which has so little curiosity relative to the origins of  requests for subpoenas that only hears one side of an argument is no court at all, and perhaps proving that maybe we don’t need the FISA court as currently constituted will be the real value of the report.

As for the impeachment?  Well, Rep. Al Green seems to think any white person should be impeached, since over 150 years ago his forebears were slaves. He seems to forget that America abolished slavery in 1865, following Britain in 1833 and France in 1848.

Prior to those times nearly every nation on earth was involved in importing Africans as slaves, courtesy of the nation of Portugal on whose ships these people were transported as part of the Atlantic slave trade.. In fact the importation of slaves was banned in the U.S. in 1808.

We certainly don’t know what will happen in November of 2020, but if just being a white man is reason enough for impeachment, we’re making a pretty good guess.

But we digress. Give a listen to these three Ukrainians. You may have some questions that Democrats are surely not going to explore this week.

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