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Who are Dems really impeaching?

December 12, 2019

What if it isn’t personal enmity that is driving the Dems toward impeachment?

Is it him, or us?

Many people believe that ANY anti-socialist Republican would be drawing the same kind of attack.

They point to the affinity for big government  that President Obama displayed, as well as what some saw as disdain for the country he was supposed to be representing.

Let us be clear.  President Obama doesn’t seem to fit the Jeremiah Wright or Al Green profile when it comes to racism. In short, he apparently was not bent on racial revenge.  He did however, clearly favor big government solutions to societal problems, as witnessed by Obamacare.

Ever since we have been privy to the emails of some of the FBI and DOJ Never Trumpers, people have been asking why such hysterical hatred towards one man. Surely he couldn’t have personally offended that many people.

Maybe it is not who he is, so much as what he so vocally stands for. i.e. America first, or to put it more politically, nationalism.

Some Dems, even most of them,  seem to be hell bent on making Trump voters and supporters pay for their “misguided” votes in 2016.

It’s hard to believe that even Democrats thought Hillary would be a strong, capable President.  What she had going for her was pliability. There is little doubt that she would have gone along with just about anything that would have put her and kept her in the Oval Office.

There seems to be an element of “we’ll show those rubes” in this impeachment fiasco.

Given that attitude, many people wonder if the President doesn’t deserve a commendation for “obstructing Congress”, rather than condemnation.

By the way, which high crime or misdemeanor statute does that charge fall under?


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