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Rules? What rules?

December 17, 2019

In the interest of honesty, we are admitting that we are listening to very little of the rules committee hearings today, mostly because they sound like reruns.

But we did listen as Jamie Raskin, the Nadler replacement, was asked how many times the Dems plan on impeaching President Trump.

Apparently, as often as they feel like doing it.

Many, maybe even most, Americans with any interest in the impeachment of the President have read the transcript of the phone conversations Trump had with the Ukrainian president, Zelensky.

Yet even today, Democrats were maintaining that the transcript is a phony or at least that it is incomplete.

Remember, this transcript was not constructed by the President.  It was compiled by what you could call professional listeners, none of whom have testified that it is erroneous.

Maybe we are missing something, but throughout the document, it appears that President Trump is referring to things said and done during the 2016 campaign.

We agree that Trump should think ahead a bit before he says things.  Even the worst dummkopf should have been able to predict that even mentioning Joe Biden would trigger the Dems.

Still, to listen to today’s arguments, you would think that Trump was asking to have Biden executed by firing squad.

And then there is Chuckie Schumer, asking why the President doesn’t want witnesses to testify.

Uh, that was McConnell, not the President.  Trump has repeatedly said he doesn’t care who or how many “witnesses” are called, so long as Republicans get to call the people they want to question.

It will be interesting to see what “rules” the House committee comes up with. Maybe we are a bit jaundiced, but somehow we doubt they will be fair to all concerned.

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