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TGIF- December 20, 2019

December 20, 2019

President Pelosi?

According to an article published in BizPacReview, Adam Schiff is now attempting to get rid of Vice President Pence via impeachment. That would leave Nancy Pelosi next in line for the presidency.

Well, that’s one way for Democrats to take over power. Why bother with elections?

Of course it always pays not to jump to conclusions too fast, but if the article is factual, then the country has a lot more at stake when the House voted for impeachment than just a spat with Donald Trump.

Can you spell C-O-U-P?

Musings has maintained all along that this was about a lot more than just dissatisfaction with a caustic-tongued New York political outsider.

It is too bad we don’t have an honest national police force.  Someone should definitely be getting under the hood of this political takeover attempt.

Dems don’t get it.

Apparently there was a Democrat debate on Thursday.  We aren’t even going to pretend we watched any of it.

However, excerpts have appeared on various channels and unfortunately, we have seen them.

Which leads us to wonder why anyone would vote for any of these weirdos.

You’ve got Tom Steyer, who wants to put 100s of thousands of people out of work to stop manmade  “climate change.”

You’ve got Liz Warren, who is all wound up over “wine caves” and Pete Buttigieg. Like, she never took money from big donors?

And finally, you’ve got Andrew Yang, who is at least aware that no one gives a s—  er, whit about impeaching the President just because the left doesn’t like him.

We don’t know whether the Senate will have a “trial” over impeachment, given that Nancy Pelosi is trying to hold onto the paperwork long enough for the Democrat senators to have an election to decide which one of them will oppose President Trump.

Have we mentioned before that this is a circus, and not a very good one?


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