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TGIF – January 3, 2020

January 4, 2020

Are you kidding?

So the Democrats in the Gang of Eight have their tidy whities in a bunch because the President didn’t consult them before offing Qadeem Suleimani?

Let’s see, he should consult the Pink Horsemen of Impeachment before stopping another massacre in Iraq?    Right.

After 9/11 a number of people registered their opinion that the malign nations of the Middle East should be reduced to big glassy parking lots.  They are still right.

Americans for knife control?

Today we have two more murderous stabbings, one in Austin, Texas and one in Paris, France, not to mention the Hannukah stabbings.

Where are the people calling out for knife and machete confiscation?

It’s time to acknowledge that evil people, not their tools, kill.

California, the commune state?

California is slipping ever closer to demanding communal living, if stories like this are to be believed.

BTW, the root word of communism is commune.

California presumably still has lots of unused land in the San Joaquin and  Imperial valleys.

How about moving the “homeless” there? At least there you could cover up their scat with dirt.

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