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Are Democrats Americans?

January 6, 2020

The CNN headline reads “Top administration officials to brief Congress on Iran as Democrats move to rein in Trump.”

But who is going to rein in the “top” Democrats?

Even Jeh Johnson, a former Obama official, knows the President had every constitutional right to make this call.

And as for why he didn’t tell Pelosi, Schiff or the rest of the Democratic leadership…that would have been like taking out a full page ad in the NYT.

You can decide for yourself whether killing a man who enjoys killing Americans and anyone else, and was good at it, was a good idea.

Perhaps the Dems would prefer serving up a sacrificial American every few weeks instead, especially if  they could be sure it was a Trump supporter.

Iran was clearly warned. Don’t kill Americans if you don’t want to die yourselves.

Is it going to get messy now? More than likely it will.   Iran has been used to empty threats and massive bribes for so long, it may take them awhile to get the point.

But listening to the Democrats go on about the deed, when they nearly sanctified Obama for killing bin Laden is just downright sickening.

These people are not patriots.  In fact, it’s doubtful they are even Americans

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