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TGIS- 1/11/19

January 11, 2020

Butt out, PETA.

AOC appeals about as much to me as a well-used feminine sanitary product. Nevertheless, PETA’s   chiding of her for buying a purebred French bulldog puppy crosses a line.

People should own the dog they will love. Yes, it would have been nice if she could have found a Frenchie that had been abandoned, but just getting any old dog because it was in a shelter isn’t right either.

It’s also possible that she wants to breed the dog later on, in which case it’s bloodline matters.

Personally, I love anything with four feet and fur, usually a lot more than I do their two-legged human cousins. Still, as long as she loves and cares for the dog, it’s good.

So, this one time, and probably for the only time, I’m on her side.


A royal MEH.

So  someone 6th or 7th in line to the British throne doesn’t want to be in line for the throne. So what?

It would have been courteous for them to inform Harry’s mother first.  That they didn’t is both rude and cruel.

Other than that, get over it.

Congress needs to read the Constitution.

So, the weenies in Congress have their noses out of joint because the President killed a terrorist without getting their approval.

Uh, he IS supposed to protect the American people.

Other Presidents have had chances to end this guy, and haven’t done it. Who knows how many people’s deaths he has been responsible for because of that?

There are probably a lot more like Suleimani  out there, but that doesn’t mean that taking him out was wrong.

And, given the way Trump has been treated, who knows how long he would have had to argue with Schiff and the rest before offing the guy this time.

Killing a terrorist should be a good thing, not cause for haranguing the President.

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