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2016 all over again.

January 13, 2020

If you are an independent voter, you have only to look at California (or read Lizzie Warren’s “plan” for a green America) to know how a Socialist Democrat America will look.

You may not like Donald Trump’s way of speaking, but he will likely be reelected because just like in 2016, Democrats are not offering a better alternative.

It is unlikely that independents will ever again vote for a candidate due to skin color, gender or ethnicity, but thanks to the current crop of candidates, that probably won’t be a problem this year.

There doesn’t seem to be a single one of these bozos who care about what VOTERS want. No, it’s all about what they think is best for us.

Of course the first they think is best for us is no Donald Trump.  After that it’s solar or wind energy, and oh yes, smaller Big Gulps.


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