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Is impeachment driving voters away?

January 14, 2020

More and more we are hearing voters say “F— this impeachment crap.  Washington doesn’t give a damn about voters, so why should we waste our time voting? Democrats just use it to ignore us .”

You really can’t blame them.

In the only civilized way they knew, Trump’s voters tried to tell DC that they were tired of business as usual.  For that they get to be called racists, uneducated rednecks and any other derogatory name Democrats can think of at the moment.

So far, the discontent with our government has not resulted in wholesale street demonstrations, such as those in Iran, but it could happen. It has before.

Maybe it is true that the “average” voter doesn’t pay attention to impeachment, but they damn well know that nothing they wanted Washington to address is being done.

Perhaps Democrats better think about what will happen if they continue to push this “Dump Trump” agenda.

After all, we put up with Obama for eight L-O-O-N-G years. Surely Democrats can do the same.

Edit:  If you don’t think this is possible, read this jerk’s tome.

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