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February 6, 2020

Now that the current impeachment push is over, what should happen next?

Well, for one thing, you do NOT want to be the next Democratic President, unless it’s 30 years from now.

For another, supporters of the President are clamoring for the reinstatement of the Sedition Act. They absolutely see what has been going on as an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States.

Beyond that, it gets far too profane to reflect it in this blog. Probably the kindest thing we have heard the President’s enemies called is traitorous, and Mrs. Pelosi…well, perhaps you can guess without us having to document it here.

Mrs. Pelousy says she tore up her copy of the SOTU speech because it was full of lies.  Another Trump-hating Democrat went on TV to assert that the President has “…told 15,000 lies since he’s been in office.”

We’d sure like to see those 15,000 lies written down, so they can be fact-checked.

All in all, this is 1968 all over again, but with the potential to be far worse.

No one, no matter how much they support Trump believes he is “perfect,” but he is certainly no worse than a President who crossed the Atlantic and trashed the nation he was supposed to serve and protect and whose wife said she had never been proud of her country.

Which brings us back to the first question.  What now?

Ideally, this should come to a full halt, but as Jerry Nadler has already said, it isn’t going to.

It’s entirely likely that Trump will be re-elected in a landslide. As for his House and Senate enemies, about all Trump’s supporters can do legally is to campaign against Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, the squabs, and Nadler not because they don’t like Trump, but because they are setting the nation up for a socialist takeover.

As for Mrs Pelosi…perhaps we could send her a box of Huggies or Luvs?

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