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About church services.

April 1, 2020

Someone asked how I feel about arresting pastors, imams or priests, etc.  who encourage the faithful to congregate in churches.

Instead I would ask, is it their God, or yours?

I get that there is comfort in numbers but really, is this the right time?

If you have a Bible, Torah or other religious tome, and you accept it as the word of your Almighty, can’t you derive solace from those words in your own home just as well as you can in a dedicated building?

Should pastors etc be arrested? I would say no, because without their flock to preach to, they would not be in their churches.

I do think we may have to start fining people who can’t get “social distancing” through their heads.

No one is saying you can’t worship, but think about whether you are endangering others when you decide where to do it.

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