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After the stimulus-Watch out

April 7, 2020

The government is going into the red bigtime to provide “Paycheck Protection” or the stimulus or whatever you want to call it, much as we did after Pearl Harbor.

Here’s something to watch out for that is also like the post-Pearl Harbor era.

90%-plus tax rates.

We cannot continue to run multi-trillion dollar deficits.  Who is going to buy our debt?

Previously, China bought a lot of our red ink. Does anyone think post – Covid 19 that they will do it again?

The money has to come from somewhere.  Right now there is talk about some sort of Treasury bonds, and that might work, but it didn’t provide enough money fast enough after WWII.

At some point, we have to pay the govt. back for this free money, sometime down the line, even if it isn’t Trump, someone will figure out that like any loan, we have to pay it back.



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