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Immunity certificates – will you need one?

April 11, 2020

In discussing when we might emerge from “voluntary” self-quarantining, the widely quoted Dr. Fauci is purported to have said that for people to be allowed to go back to work, they might need a “certificate” attesting to the fact that they have immunity to Covid 19.

Let’s examine that for a minute.

The only way you can be immune is to have had the virus and recovered from it.  Even allowing for the fact that some people may have had the disease without knowing it, that’s not a lot of people with immunity.

Somewhat more concerning is that this same medical sage is being credited with saying that everyone should have a certificate attesting to immunity or lack thereof.  Or what; you can’t leave your house?

First of all, that would require nationwide testing and we don’t have that many tests. Thanks to the nationwide shutdown, we also do not have herd immunity.

As this pandemic response goes on, many people are becoming concerned that the virus is being used to allow a degree of government control that would have been unthinkable even six months ago.

Realistically, you might be reading this and saying to yourself “Well, they obviously can’t enforce such a certificate, so why worry about it?”

There are a lot of things happening we didn’t think they could enforce just a few months ago, things like shutting down whole segments of our society, or writing tickets and fining people just for being outside in their yards or having a few people over to play cards.

No one should discount the severity of this virus, and we aren’t doing so here. But neither should it be used to grant power to governments that is clearly unconstitutional.

In case you’ve forgotten, we once fought a war over that.

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