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April 14, 2020

“Ben”:  I’m re-opening my business on May 1.  What right does anyone, including the President, have to tell me I can’t clean people’s carpets?  Oh, I’ll wear the mask and gloves, but my family has to eat, and I have dozens of customers begging me to clean their carpets. I gave the government it’s thirty days, but I’m done.

“Marge” :  The President says he’s going to “hold China accountable.” Well, he’d damn well better, and he should fine ANY American business, including Big Pharma,  who makes things there too. Maybe it will make things more expensive, but the best way to freeze China out of the global scene is to bankrupt them. And isn’t it rich that the people lobbying for a $15.00 minimum wage here are the same ones using cheap Chinese labor to increase their profits?

“Hank”  Hey Mr. President –  The Chinese premier is NOT your friend, and it’s about damn time you figure that out.

There’s a lot more like that, but you get the picture.  No one is buying the idea that self-isolation is going to cure Covid 19, since hundreds of people are getting it even with all this self-isolation.

Maybe Covid 19 wasn’t unleashed as a bio-weapon, but it has become one. There should be a consequence for that.

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