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A little more common sense, please!

April 16, 2020

Spoke to a lady today who mentioned she just got her $3,000-plus check from the government direct deposited to her account, and in nearly the same breath denounced the President for wanting to open up some businesses in some places.

Ah, where does she think her money came from?

It comes from the taxes all of us pay, individuals and businesses alike.  It isn’t as though this money grows on bushes in the White House rose garden.

Businesses pay state, Federal and sometimes local taxes for the privilege of being in business.  Income tax, sales tax, city and county taxes, unemployment insurance premiums, etc. Some cities are already feeling the pinch resulting from the economic shutdown.

Business people are really smarter than your average mouse.  Even businesses that normally rely on customer volume can figure out how to accommodate social distancing within their business models.

Yes, Covid 19 is dangerous.  But bankrupting the population is dangerous too.  All these dandy Federal handouts are sure to come to a screeching halt when even the Federal government realizes it can’t go into trillions of dollars of debt every week

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