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Dems 2020 Strategy – Race War

June 27, 2020

Isn’t it funny that we didn’t have a media-hyped conflict among the races until there was an election on the horizon?

Notice I didn’t say “tension between races.”

There has been animosity based on race for as long as there have been races, or even tribes of the same race. Check out “Massacre Canyon” on Wikipedia for an example of the latter.

What George Floyd’s death was for Democrats was manna from heaven.

Now Dems think they can get rid of the political three P’s.   President, pistols and police.

Hopefully, we are smart enough to see this for what it is…blatant panderism.

Even some liberals are calling out Black Lives Matter as extortionists.

Personally, I have never owned a slave.  Neither did my forebears, as far back as I can trace them.  They just weren’t rich enough, and believe me, slave ownership required a lot of disposable income. It was a whole lot cheaper to hire a worker than it was to support a whole family of people, and my folks were all either workers themselves or at best, small business owners.

So Miz Pressley, spare me your reparations.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen “Kill Whitey” slogans, but thanks to our political climate, I did see it written on some statue base last week.

So to those of you that still have few working brain cells, see this for what it is…an attempt to keep people from noticing that Dems don’t have any better candidate this time than they did before.

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