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No defense of self-defense?

July 1, 2020

By now, everyone has undoubtedly seen the video of a couple defending themselves, their home and even their pet from a group of alleged BLM “protestors.”

Although the radical left is condemning them for it, almost everyone else is giving some version of “right on.”

The ridiculous Cuomo interview which repeatedly characterized the mob as “peaceful” failed to note that Mr. McCloskey says he was threatened.

It would have been nice if he could have provided proof (as in a recording of the BLM voices) but the average homeowner doesn’t go into the house and retrieve firearms just to get on TV.

Also, the homeowners didn’t aim at any of the “Peaceful Ones” until a couple of them stepped forward onto their driveway, according to the video we have seen.

BLM and their adherents have no one but themselves to blame if people see them as thugs.

Drive around rural properties anywhere and you might see some version of this sign:

“No trespassing.  Survivors will be prosecuted.” Take it seriously.

Perhaps, as Joe Biden says, we could just use a shotgun to shoot them in the leg.


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