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August 8, 2020

Pretty much everyone knows what the first acronym means, but for you “young folks” the latter stands for Symbionese Liberation Army.

So far the BLM hasn’t kidnapped anyone or robbed any banks, but unless the law-abiding BLM members get a grasp on the thugs who are taking over their movement, BLM will find itself remembered as just another criminal enterprise.

It’s hard to see how that will further anything for any person of color.

Americans of all colors are not nearly as stupid as the far left would like them  to be, and most see through all this left wing crap.

While George Floyd’s death was uncalled for, and is a tragedy for his family, newly released and more complete videos have shown that he wasn’t just a totally innocent victim either. Likewise for Rayshard Brooks.

As  Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has noted, what these so-called peaceful BLM thugs are doing often amounts to attempted murder. We used to arrest people for that.

The last thing this country needs is for a bunch of frightened citizens, with no access to effective policing,  taking on the rioters with guns, although a load of 00 buckshot to the gut would certainly slow down the looters.

The left knows that an armed citizenry is detrimental to their efforts, ergo the efforts of the NY AG, Ms. James to dissolve the NRA.

There are hundreds of charities out there, some of whom undoubtedly have officers on the take.

Hell, Joe Biden’s hands are about as greasy as any politicians, but does that mean we should dissolve the Democrat party?

In any case, it’s about time the truly peaceful BLM members, if there any, take their heads out of the sand and get a handle on the thugs appropriating their movement.



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