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Are Dems outsmarting themselves?

September 17, 2020

As we have mentioned before, this blog initially was supported by 2016 voters, some of whom are Trump supporters, but others were people who didn’t vote for him in 2016.

And yes, we do understand that this is a election year. Nevertheless, the constant theme of “orange man bad” is getting real old, real fast.

We don’t care who you vote for, or why, but we do care if you (the generic “you”) don’t vote at all.

Unfortunately, we are hearing a lot of people say they are just tuning out the election hype completely, and therefore won’t vote at all.

Is Trump a perfect President? No, and we haven’t had one of those at any time in our history.

But neither is he the ogre the left would have you believe. OK, he has kind of a rough mouth. Having grown up working around men, he really doesn’t bother yours truly all that much, but there are people who find him, well, crude.

To that we say….so what?

His challenger is perceived as “nice”. Never mind that he has a long history as a grifter, he’s “nice”

We don’t care which ticket you vote for, but this constant fault-finding by the left won’t get Biden elected if the so-called undecided voters don’t vote.

It’s far past time for the Democrats to stop demonizing Trump and start telling us what Biden’s going to do for, or to, the country.

And yes, that goes for the President as well. At least he has a record tto run on.

And please…turn off the TV if you have to, but vote. Remember, not everyone has that privilege. Don’t waste it.

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