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Musings from Street Level was transitioned from a previous blog. After Donald Trump was elected a few (well, 30) people wanted someone to follow his campaign and presidency to see how the “swamp” would handle having a real  President elected by “we, the people.”

Since I was the only one with an active blog, I got “volunteered.” The blog will be slightly right of center, but it will not be only pro-Trump.  If he screws up we’ll talk about it.


8/16/15   Content and commentary  from my previous blog will be transitioning to the new site (above).  Comments on current events, social issues and just interesting stuff will no longer appear here.

  1. Nathalie permalink

    Wat is this? 😘

    • I had another blog before this one…this refers to that blog, although I don’t know why this shows up on “Musings” I’ll have to get in there and re-write the About page.

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