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7,000 cats.

In an article which was heavy on virtue-signaling, the Daily Beast chronicles the disappointment and disenchantment of many of the caravan members at finding out that they couldn’t just walk into the United States.

The article also tags Tijuana residents with the familiar xenophobia label, simply because they  object to the effects of having 6 to 7,000 strangers, some of them with serious illnesses, show up expecting to be fed and housed by their city.

The article makes a point of interviewing migrants who says all the border crashers wanted to do was “…talk to Border Patrol agents” about why they couldn’t just walk in and claim asylum.

The piece also doesn’t explain why those people who did get through a weak spot in the fence walked right by many agents without even attempting conversation.

If you don’t yet understand the problem, here is an idea for you.

Suppose we round up 7,000 hungry cats (or dogs, if you are felineophobic), with over half of them being males, and turn them loose in your neighborhood?

These are species we keep in our homes as pets, so we don’t have built in aversions to them. They can catch mice or defend their property so they obviously have skills.

Before some left winger gets triggered into saying we are calling immigrants animals, it’s about volume, not physiognomy.

In other words, too much of anything is simply too much.

A member of the incoming Obrador administration said we should send Honduras and other Central American countries 20 billion dollars to create employment opportunities.

In 2017 Honduras, a country of 9.25 million persons, received $127 million in direct U.S. aid and Hondurans working in the U.S. sent  another $3.5 million home.

Perhaps we could find out how many jobs that money generated first?

We concede that these countries are poor and have lots of crime, but if we have learned nothing else about foreign aid, it is that money alone doesn’t improve living conditions for people. Mostly it just winds up in some politician’s pocket.

Short of conquering these countries and taking over the government, more money will simply result in fuller pockets.

Mexico (which according to Jorge Acevedo of Univision is a hell hole that isn’t safe enough for the caravan members,) and Latin America have to find a way to clean up their own countries so that businesses want to invest there.

Running away from a problem isn’t the answer.

Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

This is an editorial observation.

Musings is not in the hard news  business. We are in the public observation business and make no claim to be more than a chronicler or reflector of some ordinary folks’ opinions.

We can’t offer things like source protection, which is why we never record the real names of people who offer their comments, nor can we send reporters all over the world, and so we generally leave it to others to comment on the corporate dependability of “news” organizations.

For this issue we are going to make an exception.

It’s pretty obvious that various “news” outlets are unabashedly partisan, and it’s hard not to notice that their coverage is as much opinion as it is “news.”

Still, since they claim for themselves the privileges that go with freedom of the “press” you kind of hope they won’t outright lie to us about matters of national security.

CNN gets a well-deserved rap for being the propaganda mouthpiece of the left, but there is generally some kernel of truth in what they report, and we occasionally link to their video. Because of their “reporting” on the dust-up at the border on Sunday, that’s not a mistake we will make in the future.

We refer of course to the edited video they used to assert that no caravan members threw any rocks as they bum rushed the border. That was supposed to be straight onsite reporting, not opinion.

We watched that report, and also one which was shall we say, a little more complete.

OK, we aren’t wearing rose colored glasses.  We know CNN hates Trump, but covering up criminality just to push a biased narrative takes it several steps too far.

President Trump takes a lot flak, some of it deserved, for his war of words with the MSM. In his defense, several independent agencies have determined that somewhere between 80 and 93% of ALL “news” coverage of his presidency is negative.

This isn’t the first time CNN has gotten caught doing some creative editing, but it is normally applied to quotes from Trump or his administration.

Not this time. This time the hack job seems to have had the sole purpose of trying to shield people performing criminal acts from exposure, in an effort to sanctify the migrants and vilify the Border Patrol.

First Amendment press protection is a pretty unique and precious freedom.

CNN doesn’t comport itself in a way that qualifies them for it. We can’t exactly take that away from them, but we can and will distance ourselves from the fakery.

Twiddle–dee, twiddle dumb.

What exactly are the Central American  “immigrants” fleeing?

Mostly, $3.00 an hour jobs, although some undoubtedly have legitimate asylum grounds.

But to listen to that learned teacher of history and economics, A.O-C tell it, they are the equivalent of Jews on Kristallnacht.

Whichmakes you wonder if  some of the people on the left probably could be hit in the head by a rock without it damaging their brains.

So far no one has adequately explained why these people marching on the U.S. haven’t used all that excess energy to install or petition governments in their own countries to improve economic and crime conditions at home.

That’s not to say that Central America isn’t rife with vicious cartel members or overrun with criminal gangs. It is.

But if you give credence to our DHS intel, the caravans are bringing those same kind of people with them, and that kind of strips them of their asylum claims that they are escaping violence.

It is hardly lost on the average person that past administrations have used non-lethal control methods on unruly “immigrants” hundreds of times, including over 300 times during the Obama presidency. It was never particularly newsworthy until this time.

Some reporting indicates that many of the people in the caravans have decided it would be better to return home rather than camping out in Mexico for the next few months, particularly when it appears that most of them would be ineligible for asylum anyway.

That doesn’t mean they couldn’t go to a U.S. consulate in their home country  and request entrance into the U.S. lawfully, or even apply for legal asylum in Mexico.

It would seriously de-escalate tensions if that happened.

One man who resides in an Arizona border town said that there is a growing undercurrent among people opposing or victimized by illegal immigrant criminal perpetrators that perhaps the way to deter illegal immigrants is to make it “painful” for them to get across the border without papers.

At least then he argued,”… they won’t be free or able to kill school teachers,” referring to the Texas sixth grade teacher killed on Thanksgiving Day by a previously deported illegal immigrant.

That’s a place we definitely don’t want to go, but given that up until last Sunday they didn’t see anyone in government seriously trying to defend the border, it is understandable.


Can you hear us now?

People, including the President have been saying for months that this matter of turning a blind eye to the intentions of those looking to enter the U.S. illegally has taken  a new and dangerous turn.

No one seemed to be listening, but it appears they should have been.

Sunday, some 500 caravan members decided to give rushing the port of entry at San Ysidro a shot, and found out that was not exactly going to be a success.

In  typical coward’s fashion, women and children were pushed to the front, putting them in harm’s way, and social media dutifully produced video of the kids crying and choking when the CBP used tear gas to break up the rock-throwing  group.

Perhaps those young strong men thought that because using women and children as human shields worked at Mexico’s southern border it would work here.

You may not like the images, but resisting this bum’s rush wasn’t optional, assuming the government is serious about controlling where, how and what people apply for asylum.

The checkpoint was temporarily closed, but it could turn out to be a more permanent condition if Mexico doesn’t get serious with controlling this invading force.

A lot of Tijuana residents work in San Diego, and they will be stopped from entering along with the caravan members.  That’s going to inconvenience their employers, and that alone may produce backlash on both sides of the border.

Make no mistake, this became an invasion on Sunday, if it wasn’t already.

Any time someone uses force to breach another country’s border, it is no longer a peaceful march.

Some crybaby liberal pundits are saying that a few rocks and bottles don’t constitute an “armed” force.

They should be invited to stand in a line and let the rest of us bounce a few rocks off their skulls.

The danger in this is that the “no borders” crowd will hype the caravans up again, and perhaps this time they don’t use just rocks and bottles.

This was a probe to see if the U.S. would in fact actively defend its border, or just cave in like the Mexican police and military did at Mexico’s southern border.

Now they know. Hopefully they took notice.

TGIF – November 23, 2018

The 116th Congress.

Will Nancy Pelosi be House speaker?

Considering that her opposition is melting away faster than ice cream left out of the fridge, the chances are pretty good.

That spokeswoman of progressiveness, AOC, has committed to support Pelosi “…as long as she remains progressive.” Note to Alexandria. She will remain whatever she needs to be until she gets the votes she needs, but as soon as you’ve served your purpose, she will slap you into line so fast your head will spin like a top.

Pelosi has also neutralized Brian Higgins and Marcia Fudge.

Don’t forget, this is a lady who knows where ALL the skeletons are buried, so if she can’t buy her opposition off with a juicy committee chairmanship, or by offering monetary or legislative rewards, she can darn well compel obedience in other ways.

A voice of caution

Sometimes the country gets so wrapped up in its own inner conflicts that we don’t see ourselves as others see us.

“Max” came to the U.S to visit relatives over the Thanksgiving holiday. Max, a retired professor of world history,  is a resident of an eastern European country, one that has been occupied by both Germany and Russia in the last century.  He is concerned about some of the rhetoric he hears in our country.

Sometimes I hear echoes of the creation of Nazi Germany here. For instance when some groups or public figures praise anyone who is not Caucasian, and call white Christian women racist or white men toxic .What is this ‘toxic’?

That is what Hitler did to Germany . He and his people spent a lot of time convincing ordinary mostly tolerant Germans that everything bad in their lives was the fault of the Jews, and from that we got the Second World War and the death camps. Today it looks like white Americans are some people’s Jews.

So, I understand that a long time ago white people in America owned black people.  That happened in almost every European and British country, but it hasn’t been true for many generations. It is history, and it is time to put that behind us.  Not forget it you know, but not to make excuses because of it either.

I see people who apologize for America. This country is not perfect, but it is very much better than so many countries in the world.

I think people should be concerned about why so many people are trying to make America seem like a bad place. Those people, they want something, and that is not a good condition.”

Previewing coming attractions.

Apparently Democrats are willing to test President Trump on his threat to shut down the government over border wall funding.  Welcome  to the playbook for the next two years.

The difference between now and a few years ago is that people now consider border security, including a wall where it is useful, to be something worth taking a stand over.

That undoubtedly has something to do with the “phantom” caravan in Tijuana. It’s amazing how having a few thousand people demanding to be let into the country heightens the immediacy of the situation.

With that in mind, maybe the Dems don’t want to make immigration reform the hill they are willing to die on this early in their reign.

Black Friday –a national barometer?

Just for the record…I don’t need anything badly enough to get up at 3 in the morning to shop for it.

That being said, if that “giveaway” price on a 55-inch TV is something you just have to have then by all means, go for it.

That was just one of the topics people discussed as they tried (usually unsuccessfully) to avoid talking about politics over the turkey and stuffing.

What is good about Black Friday is that so many people actually considered it worth talking about this year.

In the very recent past, a mention of Black Friday usually ended with “yeah, well maybe when I can afford it.”

Maybe you are one of those people who don’t think things are better this year than a few years ago.

Apparently not everyone feels that way.

A quick hop around the dial showed that an awful lot of people were happily spending their crumbs this year, and that’s good for all of us.

One family actually unplugged their TV until the football games came on, just to avoid all the negative Nellies on TV.

It will be interesting to see what the retailers’ bottom lines look like after Monday, but even given all the doom and gloom over the stock market, people just seemed well, happier this year.

So if you are still shopping, good for you. Me, I’ll wait for the pre-Christmas sales…they’re generally better anyway.

The predictable Saudi decision.

Sometimes maybe we don’t need to know too much about how the sausage is made.

Plenty of people are outraged that the Saudi nation in general and their crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) in particular aren’t being held responsible for the heinous torture and murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Actually it shouldn’t surprise anyone that absent photographic  evidence of MBS actually committing the crime, the U.S. is walking wide around the issue.

President Bush (43) did the same thing, even after definitive evidence was produced showing that several members of the Saudi royal family backed the 911 attackers, and he did it for the same reasons.

Even today, you’ll find a hell of a lot of people who think that turning the sand of Riyadh into a big glassy parking lot would have been and is the right response.

The problem is that of all the Arab nations, Saudi Arabia is the lesser of many evils.

There’s also the matter of considering whether Turkey might not be trying to use the U.S as a  proxy weapon to rid itself of its arch enemy.

Usually this kind of diplomatic chess game is played out in private.

However, this President ran on trying to be honest with the American people, and indeed, the reasons he gives for only punishing the actual people involved with the murder are very probably some of the actual reasons being head-gamed behind closed doors.

To a lot of people, the way we are handling the journalist’s murder is kind of like only charging a mob hit man with murder while giving Albert Anastasia the keys to the city.

Certainly no one including Presiden Trump thinks that there should be a price tag on Khasoggi’s life nor anyone elses, but it certainly sounds like that’s what we are doing.

Did we need to know the reasoning, given that ordinary folk tend to see global politics as a pretty black and white set of issues?

Probably not.

With all due respect to transparency, some things are better left behind those closed doors.


No column tomorrow.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!