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TGIS- August 3, 2019

Yeah, Saturday, not Friday.  Sorry about that., but a “minor” (according to the docs)  procedure is messing with my writing schedule. (I’d love to perform this minor procedure on the doctors, and we’d see how minor it was then 🙂 )

So much for that.

Anyhoo, post the Democrat debates,  one wonders what the “independents” think of the contenders at this point.

Frankly, although the top 4 or 5 most socialist-leaning contenders, plus Biden are getting most of the press, an awful lot of slightly left-leaning people would  like to see more of candidate Delaney.

As one noted, “I have no interest in electing Nicholas Maduro-Moros as president.”

Others note that some of the candidates are far more race-obsessed than Trump and his supporters.

One noted “Have you ever noticed that Democrats seem to be accusing conservatives of the things the Democrats themselves are doing?”

Take the President’s efforts on behalf of ASAP Rocky (Rakim Mayers).

Can you imagine Cory Booker doing the same for a white person?  Probably not.

(Incidentally, it would be nice to see all the video of Mr. Mayers confrontation. One snippet does show about three seconds that seems to confirm his story that he was put upon by the people he is accused of attacking.)

Whatever. Obviously some people are going to vote for whichever Democrat comes out on top, or they won’t vote at all. Others may be far more moderate than the party would like to portray them.

But that’s OK.  At least we are getting a good idea of what the Democratic party actually stands for early on in the process..

Here we go again.

Once again we have another Twitter war between the President and one of his detractors.

Quite frankly this is getting to be boring. It is obvious that, contrary to Representative Cummings and his allies, there was nothing racist in the President’s original tweet, other than the fact that Mr. Cummings is not white.

And from the pictures, it is certainly true that some parts of Baltimore appear to be well, kind of ratty, as observed some years ago by Bernie Sanders. Certainly the city does seem to have at least as many problems as the border, a place Cummings is considerably less familiar with than Baltimore.

President Trump does not seem to mind what color someone is if he chooses to harangue them.  He has had choice words to say about Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Jerry Nadler, etc. etc. So, enough with the racist crap.

Speaking of  Chmn. Nadler, or should we say, Chmn. Naddled,  one wonders if Citizen Trump, prior to becoming President, poached Nadler’s high school prom date.

In all seriousness, it isn’t surprising that having been cleared of conspiring with the Russians after a two-and-a-half year “investigation”, the President is likely to pick at his enemies a bit.

But a “bit” is enough.

The country has far more serious issues to solve.

If, and we emphasize “if” the President loses some of his 2016 supporters, it’s this tit for tat BS that will run them off.

Both sides of the aisle need to knock it off, and earn their salaries. Nobody, except perhaps its residents, gives a damn about Baltimore.


The Mueller show is over. Did it change anything?

Not just no, but hell no.

People who agreed that the whole “investigation” was in fact the witch hunt President  Trump said it was still agree with him, the Trump-haters still hate him, and the majority of the rest of us probably feel that the country is going to hell in a handbasket.

Those latter souls point to cops being assaulted by teenage punks, duly elected political representatives calling for the eradication of white men, and dumb-ass politicians calling for the President to be impeached for winning an election.

This far away from the 2020 election, most of the entertainment seems to center around the picture of Joe Biden doing push-ups or Kamala Harris trying to explain that she really didn’t mean it when she prosecuted “people of color.”

In short, it’s a Thursday.

In all seriousness though, the country has taken a left-ward turn that should concern you.

It’s still 15 months or so until the election next year. It would behoove us to keep an eye on the national political barometer until then.

One Venezuela in the world is more than enough.

Mueller whiffs.

Perhaps it was just that former Special Counsel Mueller didn’t want to be there, but at times today it appeared that it wasn’t just the majority of Americans that haven’t read the report branded under his name.

He doesn’t seem to have read it either.

The only thing that seems to have been established is that Russia did try to interfere in the 2016 election, but that was never in dispute.

It would be astonishing if Mueller’s performance changed any minds. If you don’t like the President, you still don’t like him, and if you were in his corner, you are still there.

If anyone lost anything today, it might well be the Democrats, as Jerrold Nadler proclaimed that they will continue to pursue trying to come up with grounds for impeachment up to and even after the 2020 contest.

That more than anything else said today seems to verify the President’s claim of this all being a “witch hunt” a phrase many of us hope never to hear again after this episode in our history is relegated to the past. .

That this is a political vendetta was clearly exposed, but then that isn’t exactly breaking news.

So much for the matinee. If there is to be a primetime performance, we may have to wait for it until November of next year.


Mueller Wednesday.

Tomorrow might be a great day to mow your lawn, go shopping or catch a movie, or all three.

If however you insist upon watching the latest installation of Jerry Nadler’s  “let’s get Trump” performance,  it will of course be televised, probably in its entirety on Fox, and also on C-span.

Frankly, this should be about as riveting as watching Geraldo’s over-hyped and underperforming 1986 special on  the opening of Al Capone’s secret vault, which turned out to be empty sans some trash.

It will be interesting to see if Mueller is “baited” into straying from his promise to confine his testimony to the 448-page report.

It might be interesting to see if he accedes to being “forced” to read some of the report out loud.

After members of Congress having already done that, perhaps we can comment on Mueller’s book report prowess. We can have a contest between the members of Congress and Mueller to see who gets the “best presentation” award.

Look, we’ve got it. The left hates Trump, Christians and conservative men.  Move along, folks.

TGIF – July 19,2019.

Berkeley shows it’s intellect…again.

As noted by various news outlets, Berkeley  has gone on a witch hunt to discover and ban “gendered” words, such as manhole cover, or manpower.

Now if only they could figure out how to “de-gender” their people at birth, they would have a perfect world and the rest of  us could rest easy, knowing that these wingnuts couldn’t reproduce themselves.

This isn’t 2016.

Wednesday we posted a piece commenting on the furor over President Trump’s supposedly racist tweet regarding the not so fabulous AOC plus three, noting that color wasn’t the point.

Having said that, we also note that a lot of the attention-getting tactics Trump used in 2016 are unnecessary now, and may even be harmful to his campaign.

Not only does the whole country know who he is now, but he knows his and the country’s detractors and enemies by name and face now.

Take for instance the nicknames.

At best there are only a half dozen or so viable Democratic challengers, so why not hold off on labeling all but the top two or three until one shakes out on top in the primaries?

Take Biden for instance.

It’s obvious that Joe Biden hasn’t been in a real political combat zone for far too long. That’s not to say he can’t sharpen up with the aid of a newly hired debate coach, but he clearly wasn’t just off his game in the last debate, he didn’t even have a game.

If he can’t do better in the next Democratic debate at the end of the month, he’s toast.

Much as Trump’s base may love the schoolyard name-calling, the people opposing Trump have plenty of real things to attack them on, and that may be more functional this time around.

The squad of what army?

What do people hear and feel when Representatives Omar and Tlaib and the others of the “squad” swear to remain a thorn in the President’s side, or when they denounce Israel on a daily basis?

For many, they hear the blind, unreasoning hatred expressed by the radical proponents of jihad.

It doesn’t help the situation when one of the squad makes light of 911. Three thousand people have died and are still dying  to satisfy the murderous wishes of those people “who did something.”

As the dust and broken concrete and body parts were still swirling in the September air, someone hung a  banner that day that said “We will never forget.”

So, when the women of the squad sound like radicals, it isn’t hard to see why people see them that way.


What color would you like?

Maybe we should dye everyone’s skin pink, or blue or orange.

For some reason, Dr. Martin Luther King’s wish that America become essentially colorblind just didn’t make it in the real world, and that’s a shame.

The phrase this or that “…of color” is probably one of the most detested identity politics phrases in existence.

Now we have the outrage machine all spun up because the President insulted four “women of color.”

Never mind that he didn’t identify them as “colored”.

He identified them as bigoted, anti-Semitic, open border supporting liars, and they seem eager to prove that is exactly what they are.

They may also be part of a larger group of well-funded and very far-left socialist individuals whose purpose is to  change the U.S. into something they can control from afar.

Was the President’s tweet somewhat over the top? Maybe, although it’s biggest failing was that it identified all four women as immigrants. A little fact-checking would have gone  a long way to legitimize the message in the tweet.

Still, race wasn’t even mentioned in that tweet.  It was the “squad” that made it racist, not the President.

Let’s remember that two of the four, upon finding out they had won their elections, made that all about “…impeaching the motherf—–r”  and that’s still their main goal.  Never mind that people in the Bronx needed more jobs, or that more low-income housing would relieve the strain on the people in their districts.

So, let’s ditch the race-baiting “of color” qualifier.  A jackass of any color is still a jackass.