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International accountability.

Some weeks ago there was a lot of news coverage about a diplomat’s wife who caused the death of a young bike rider in England.  A warrant was put out for her arrest although she was by then in the U.S.

Which leaves us wondering…why isn’t there an international warrant out for the Chinese officials who reportedly sent 400,000 coronavirus-exposed people to the U.S., effectively resulting in the deaths of over 53,000 of our citizens.

It seems that these officials, including Xi Xinping, are at the very least guilty of voluntary manslaughter, and at worst, of murder. Maybe he would never be arrested, but it would at least keep him out of this country.

Just wondering…

About unemployment windfalls.

The news is full of stories about workers refusing to go back to work for their employers because they can make more on unemployment.

I can’t speak for every state, but here in Idaho refusing a job for which you are qualified puts a sudden stop to your “free money.”

If this happens to you as a business owner, report it promptly to your local Department of Employment.

Your former employees may not like you any better, but your unemployment insurance premiums could go down next year.


Vaccines – useful or not?

Amid all the blah-blah about a coronavirus vaccine the “experts” were decrying the fact that some people were not getting flu shots.

I can tell them why.

Although I get a flu shot every year, almost without fail, the news says the flu strain of any particular year is not the one that the vaccine covers.  That leads a lot of people to ask “why bother to spend the money and time to get it (and it can be a lot of money…$106.00 for me at a doctor’s office  one year)?

Supposedly the Wuhan virus is not mutating significantly, but should it decide to do so, will the vaccine be any better than the flu vaccine?

We’d sure better hope so.

Let’s get real about testing during the pandemic.

Assuming you have turned on the TV in the past week or so, you are aware of all the hullabaloo about “testing” before allowing the economy to ramp up again.

Here’s why this could be a bit silly.

Are we going to test every person every day?

Because that’s what we would have to do to be sure no worker has or has had the virus.  Testing even once a week would miss people who had just been exposed but had no biological symptoms.

Thus, a worker could test negative on Monday, work all week, and then test positive next Monday.

Perhaps he (or she) might not be contagious during that week, but then, how do we know? Even the “experts” don’t seem to have a real handle on this virus yet.

Testing is useful, but it isn’t the answer to everything.

A little more common sense, please!

Spoke to a lady today who mentioned she just got her $3,000-plus check from the government direct deposited to her account, and in nearly the same breath denounced the President for wanting to open up some businesses in some places.

Ah, where does she think her money came from?

It comes from the taxes all of us pay, individuals and businesses alike.  It isn’t as though this money grows on bushes in the White House rose garden.

Businesses pay state, Federal and sometimes local taxes for the privilege of being in business.  Income tax, sales tax, city and county taxes, unemployment insurance premiums, etc. Some cities are already feeling the pinch resulting from the economic shutdown.

Business people are really smarter than your average mouse.  Even businesses that normally rely on customer volume can figure out how to accommodate social distancing within their business models.

Yes, Covid 19 is dangerous.  But bankrupting the population is dangerous too.  All these dandy Federal handouts are sure to come to a screeching halt when even the Federal government realizes it can’t go into trillions of dollars of debt every week

What you’re saying.

“Ben”:  I’m re-opening my business on May 1.  What right does anyone, including the President, have to tell me I can’t clean people’s carpets?  Oh, I’ll wear the mask and gloves, but my family has to eat, and I have dozens of customers begging me to clean their carpets. I gave the government it’s thirty days, but I’m done.

“Marge” :  The President says he’s going to “hold China accountable.” Well, he’d damn well better, and he should fine ANY American business, including Big Pharma,  who makes things there too. Maybe it will make things more expensive, but the best way to freeze China out of the global scene is to bankrupt them. And isn’t it rich that the people lobbying for a $15.00 minimum wage here are the same ones using cheap Chinese labor to increase their profits?

“Hank”  Hey Mr. President –  The Chinese premier is NOT your friend, and it’s about damn time you figure that out.

There’s a lot more like that, but you get the picture.  No one is buying the idea that self-isolation is going to cure Covid 19, since hundreds of people are getting it even with all this self-isolation.

Maybe Covid 19 wasn’t unleashed as a bio-weapon, but it has become one. There should be a consequence for that.

Immunity certificates – will you need one?

In discussing when we might emerge from “voluntary” self-quarantining, the widely quoted Dr. Fauci is purported to have said that for people to be allowed to go back to work, they might need a “certificate” attesting to the fact that they have immunity to Covid 19.

Let’s examine that for a minute.

The only way you can be immune is to have had the virus and recovered from it.  Even allowing for the fact that some people may have had the disease without knowing it, that’s not a lot of people with immunity.

Somewhat more concerning is that this same medical sage is being credited with saying that everyone should have a certificate attesting to immunity or lack thereof.  Or what; you can’t leave your house?

First of all, that would require nationwide testing and we don’t have that many tests. Thanks to the nationwide shutdown, we also do not have herd immunity.

As this pandemic response goes on, many people are becoming concerned that the virus is being used to allow a degree of government control that would have been unthinkable even six months ago.

Realistically, you might be reading this and saying to yourself “Well, they obviously can’t enforce such a certificate, so why worry about it?”

There are a lot of things happening we didn’t think they could enforce just a few months ago, things like shutting down whole segments of our society, or writing tickets and fining people just for being outside in their yards or having a few people over to play cards.

No one should discount the severity of this virus, and we aren’t doing so here. But neither should it be used to grant power to governments that is clearly unconstitutional.

In case you’ve forgotten, we once fought a war over that.

After the stimulus-Watch out

The government is going into the red bigtime to provide “Paycheck Protection” or the stimulus or whatever you want to call it, much as we did after Pearl Harbor.

Here’s something to watch out for that is also like the post-Pearl Harbor era.

90%-plus tax rates.

We cannot continue to run multi-trillion dollar deficits.  Who is going to buy our debt?

Previously, China bought a lot of our red ink. Does anyone think post – Covid 19 that they will do it again?

The money has to come from somewhere.  Right now there is talk about some sort of Treasury bonds, and that might work, but it didn’t provide enough money fast enough after WWII.

At some point, we have to pay the govt. back for this free money, sometime down the line, even if it isn’t Trump, someone will figure out that like any loan, we have to pay it back.



About church services.

Someone asked how I feel about arresting pastors, imams or priests, etc.  who encourage the faithful to congregate in churches.

Instead I would ask, is it their God, or yours?

I get that there is comfort in numbers but really, is this the right time?

If you have a Bible, Torah or other religious tome, and you accept it as the word of your Almighty, can’t you derive solace from those words in your own home just as well as you can in a dedicated building?

Should pastors etc be arrested? I would say no, because without their flock to preach to, they would not be in their churches.

I do think we may have to start fining people who can’t get “social distancing” through their heads.

No one is saying you can’t worship, but think about whether you are endangering others when you decide where to do it.


Now that the current impeachment push is over, what should happen next?

Well, for one thing, you do NOT want to be the next Democratic President, unless it’s 30 years from now.

For another, supporters of the President are clamoring for the reinstatement of the Sedition Act. They absolutely see what has been going on as an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States.

Beyond that, it gets far too profane to reflect it in this blog. Probably the kindest thing we have heard the President’s enemies called is traitorous, and Mrs. Pelosi…well, perhaps you can guess without us having to document it here.

Mrs. Pelousy says she tore up her copy of the SOTU speech because it was full of lies.  Another Trump-hating Democrat went on TV to assert that the President has “…told 15,000 lies since he’s been in office.”

We’d sure like to see those 15,000 lies written down, so they can be fact-checked.

All in all, this is 1968 all over again, but with the potential to be far worse.

No one, no matter how much they support Trump believes he is “perfect,” but he is certainly no worse than a President who crossed the Atlantic and trashed the nation he was supposed to serve and protect and whose wife said she had never been proud of her country.

Which brings us back to the first question.  What now?

Ideally, this should come to a full halt, but as Jerry Nadler has already said, it isn’t going to.

It’s entirely likely that Trump will be re-elected in a landslide. As for his House and Senate enemies, about all Trump’s supporters can do legally is to campaign against Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, the squabs, and Nadler not because they don’t like Trump, but because they are setting the nation up for a socialist takeover.

As for Mrs Pelosi…perhaps we could send her a box of Huggies or Luvs?