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TGIF – November 15, 2019.

Why Bloomberg will lose the nomination.

According to the media, Michael Bloomberg has just committed to spending 100 MILLION dollars on anti-Trump ads.

How many beds and hours of treatment would that buy for the nation’s homeless?

Like her ideas or not, the reason Elizabeth Warren is polling high is because she is actually PRO-something.

No wonder some people call her party the Dumb-o-crats.

Trump should listen to Bill Clinton.

Even a broken clock is right twice  day, and for once Bill Clinton has some good advice for President Trump.

To paraphrase the former President:

Shut up, leave the impeachment stuff to your lawyers and aides, and do good things for the country.

It doesn’t seem as though President Trump got the message, and he is already in hot water with the MSM over a tweet this morning.

While we agree that the tweet was not an attack on the witness, sometimes least said is best mended.

Google goes many steps too far.

Apparently Google (and Apple and Amazon) never heard of HIPPA.

Google’s “Project Nightingale” is amassing and storing the health histories of millions of Americans in the cloud, and that’s not cool.

Having your entire health history available to anyone  who can bypass the security protocols or make up a good excuse to view it is the worst sort of invasion of privacy.

This type of wholesale storage is not necessary to deliver tele-health treatment. It sure would be great for advertisers that want to sell you the latest miracle cure though.

This is something that should be prohibited by law.

This isn’t for real, is it?

After listening to the first public rendition of the “inquiry” hearing, we have an inquiry.

Why wasn’t former Vice-President Biden impeached for bribery, extortion or quid pro quo (take your pick)?

He actually admitted to, or really, bragged about doing the exact same thing President Trump is being accused of doing and he was quite proud of it.

Were Republicans too lily-livered to bring the charges?

Or maybe, is this just how things are done in world politics?

Look at how we got Mexico to assist us in controlling illegal immigration. We threatened them with loss of money and commerce unless they got on board. Isn’t that “bribery”?

We hate the parroting the press or the President but this “inquiry” is about as convincing as a group of second-graders performing Othello.

Unfortunately, we will be subjected to more of this claptrap.  We may even get to hear about how hearsay evidence is more valuable than actual evidence.

And of course we will not be spared from listening to Nancy Pelosi repeatedly tell us how prayerful she is about her involvement in this charade.

To which we have just this to say…

“…deliver us from evil.” (from the Lord’s Prayer)

Still clown watching.

As the Democrats and other Never-Trumpers go all in on impeachment, the President’s reliance on Rudy Giuliani’s dealing with Ukraine, rather than the State Department  is suddenly a very big deal. Why?

First, the former New York mayor is probably not nearly as accomplished, and perhaps too loquacious with the press when operating in the field of foreign affairs, so why does the President use him?

Well, given that about the only people Trump can trust are members of his family, and maybe people who know a lot about him like Rudy (and vice versa), it certainly seems somewhat understandable to have him in the mix.

Take the US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland for instance. Someone obviously tuned him up, given that he completely reversed his testimony literally overnight.

It’s not that the ambassador is a Trump enemy necessarily, but he does have a career to protect, and Pompeo and Trump will not be around forever, even if the President is re-elected.

Actually, all this appears to be part of the initial attempt to stop Trump initiated by the DOJ and FBI and Democrats who desperately needed to keep the lid on their shenanigans.

Their reasoning seems to be that if they can keep Trump isolated, they can damage his presidency to the point that in the end everyone just quits paying attention.

They may be hoping that his voters will just get tired of all the brouhaha and either vote against him or just not vote at all next year, just to gain some peace and quiet.

This does of course require that they can impeach him.  They’ve gone too far to back out now.

The sad part of all this is that Trump has done some really good things for the country, leading one to wonder how good a President he could be if he had gotten a fair shot in the beginning.

On the other hand, what happens if this now all too obvious warfare or coup attempt if you prefer,  backfires?

It would be truly epic if he not only wins another term, but is able to extract a few pounds of flesh of his own.

We’d pay damn good money to watch that.

Will impeachment damage Trump with independents?

If President Trump is impeached (and it’s a 90% likelihood that he will be), will independents still vote for him?

A quick survey of “our” independents says yes.

Most of them point to the fact that Democrats have been trying to keep him out of or remove him from the office since he declared he was running and they see this impeachment strategy as simply more of the same.

They point to the fact that the only thing he did “wrong” on the call was bring up Biden’s name. As far as questioning the Ukrainian president about ending the corruption, that’s something he is required to do by law, seeing as how he had beaucoup taxpayer dollars riding on Levensky getting his house in order.

Not mention that Ukraine got the money within the allotted time frame, even if it wasn’t within six hours..

They also point to the fact that Biden is by his own words guilty of quid pro quo regarding the billions the Obama administration ladled out to Ukraine.

They also mention just how far left the radical members of the Democrat party have gone, noting that Ilhan Omar is now falling back on the 1960’s Communist line about “western imperialism” in her support of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Since we STILL don’t have the much-vaunted Mueller and Durham reports (it is now November, BTW), it remains to be seen if the impeachment actually goes through, but to listen to these folks it doesn’t really matter.

Comments go like this:

“Look, we all acknowledge that Trump isn’t the perfect person we would have liked to elect. That person would have had the manners of a Jeb Bush and the toughness of Trump.  Republicans didn’t offer us such a person, so we’ll stick with Trump.”

“Better Trump than a Socialist or a Communist.”

And so forth and so on.

Are “our” independents representative of the country at large?

We’ll find out in 2020.

TGIF – November 1, 2019

Impeachment – The Dems big F.U. to Trump voters.

If as has been reported, the “whistleblower” is a CIA operative who formerly worked for Joe Biden and  John Brennan, it’s pretty clear why Adam Schiff suddenly doesn’t want to interview him or let anyone else do so.

Not that it surprises anyone who voted for Trump.

Sixty-three million Americans spoke out in 2016 to express their displeasure with being ruled by a bunch of political overseers, mostly but not completely  Democrats.

That obviously ticked off a lot of people who were displeased that the serfs were opposing the masters.

The result?  An almost continual attempt to get rid of Trump by any means short of murder.

Impeachment isn’t just a move against Trump.  It is the proverbial shot across the bow to his voters as well.

Warren’s “affordable healthcare.”

Liz’s answer to funding Medicare for all smacks heavily of HRC’s “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners out of work.” strategy.

Among her strategies; Put 2 million people currently employed in the insurance and healthcare industries out of work, add 8.8 TRILLION dollars to employer costs, tax everything but the dentures of the “1%”, and tax all financial transactions at .1%.

Yet this isn’t a tax on the middle class.

Well, technically it isn’t, but only because it will destroy a large segment of the middle class. Employers who have recently been on a hiring binge will drop those workers like a hot rock.

And you wonder why people voted for Trump?

Did environmental activists help cause California wildfires?

PG&E has been blasted for its above-ground transmission lines causing fires. Maybe we are having a senior moment, but back in the 1980’s didn’t one of the electric utilities try to bury its lines, only to be stopped by every tree-hugger in the state?

We don’t remember if this was PG&E, but we do remember a kerfuffle over that issue. By the time the utility tried to wade through all the environmental red tape, it just gave up the idea completely.

If anyone remembers that, you are welcome to chime in.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Musings typically doesn’t comment on the MSM trashing President Trump, because well, haters gotta hate. Bitching about that is about as effective as bitching about the weather.

But this crap regarding how Trump spoke about the extermination of Al Baghdadi goes too far even for us.

First of all, this is Donald Trump we are talking about. He talks like this, and considering that he was trying to show the ISIS wannabe’s that their leader maybe wasn’t someone to be looked up to, it makes some sense.

Let us not forget that the now deceased ISIS kingpin took three children with him. Very brave, no?

As for the esteemed Democrats and their references to Trump as the “dear leader” of his conservative base, this thinly veiled attempt to put the President in the same league as North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was not lost on that base.

While we are at it, let’s take a look at the “not-a-resolution” resolution that Nancy Pelosi now says she will allow her members to vote on this coming Thursday.

Republicans participating in the ” impeachment inquiry” have been complaining that they can’t ask questions of the witnesses because Schiff refuses to let witnesses answer them, or just outright shuts the GOP members off.

As we read the eight-page resolution, that is still how it will be if the resolution is approved.

If the remaining witnesses are available for the public to watch we can live with that.

Body language is often as important as the words and we have a right as citizens to observe that.

Musings is still looking for the high crimes and misdemeanors Trump committed on that call, but hell, maybe we can find out what the Democrats are so exercised about during this “inquiry.”

Would it have been better if no one specific person’s name was included in the call? Undoubtedly, in hindsight. But did Ukraine get their money? Yep, so where’s the “quo”?

As it looks right now, Biden may very well not even be the President’s opponent next year, and Trump certainly isn’t the first person to note that the former VP’s son sure wasn’t being paid for his expertise and knowledge of Burisma’s business.

That leaves us wondering just how the President’s references to that rises to a crime or a misdemeanor, whether high or not.

Perhaps Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi and the rest of the gang can clear that up for us, although we are sure not making any bets on that happening.

TGIF – October 25, 2019

Storming slowly.

The armed forces stormed Normandy. The p.o.’d Republicans did not “storm” the SCIF where the impeachment circus is being performed.

That said, every single media outlet described the entrance of the 30 or so Republicans as if they were a hoard of rampaging Goths pillaging Britain.

It is noteworthy that Steve Scalise seemed to be at the head of the column, and despite having seemingly healed up pretty well since being shot, “storming” still doesn’t seem to be within his abilities.

Maybe we could tone the hyperbole down just a bit?

Promises, promises.

Another week gone and another promise made that the Horowitz report is about to be released.

Remember us telling you three weeks ago not to hold your breath?  We sure hope you listened.

That said, the announcement that the routine Durham investigation had been upgraded to a criminal investigation would seem to indicate that something may actually be forthcoming “shortly.”

Reported to be as “thick as a phone book”, which we presume to mean it’s rather more than an evening’s reading, the Horowitz epistle is bound to make interesting reading for those who take the time needed.

It is also supposed to answer the question as to why the Durham investigation was upgraded.

We hope it does.  If the President is right about nothing else, he is right when he says this must never happen again.

Not all the fossils are running for President

A discovery of 66-milion year old fossils near Colorado Springs is proof that really old creatures can be historically enlightening.

Perhaps someone will dig up the Democrat front runners eons from now and learn something interesting…but we doubt it.