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TGIF – March 1, 2019

The canary in the coal mine.

If the GOP’s motto is “Make America Great Again” the Democrat motto must surely be “Make America  A Socialist Nation” or so it seems.

So far there has been a tendency to differentiate between “establishment” Democrats and the so-called Democratic Socialists.

Enter AOC, and her threats to put nonconforming Democrats on a hit list to be primaried in their next election.

It’s easy to dismiss AOC as just another ill-informed spoiled brat who thinks she is somehow the star of the party because she got a participation ribbon simply for winning one New York district.

Given that the left’s presidential lineup has so quickly parroted her nonsense, that’s a mistake.

They aren’t doing that because of her, but because the very fact that she has received so much  publicity and virtually no reprimands from Nancy Pelosi shows them that a multiplicity of Democrat voters agree with her.

The left has been grooming the AOC’s, Bookers and  anti-Semite, pro-socialists like  mouthpieces Tlaib and Omar of the country as socialist sympathizers for four decades.

Just like any other snake oil salespeople, only the things young people found popular has been used to inform them on what socialism really means.

Free this and that, income without effort, combined with a healthy dose of climate change hysteria all sounds simply wonderful to the propagandized 18 to 34 year old would be voters.

Various polls show that between 48 and 55% of that age group see socialism as more “fair” than capitalism. They see working to achieve success as cruel and unfair. Real competition is a foreign concept to the participation trophy generation.

Quite frankly, garden variety GOP voters and even dyed in the wool conservatives have simply poo-pooed the threat of socialism for far too long.  Add to that the fact that the generation which best understands the threat is rapidly dying off, and we have a real problem facing us in the future.

That’s not to say that there are no young conservatives pushing back, even if that brings them a few black eyes from the “nonviolent” lefties.

AOC may not be President any time soon, but someone like her could, if GOP voters fail to understand what they are really voting for in 2020.


Safe driving is your job too.

Now if they would only outlaw talking to kids too.

Florida legislators are reportedly planning on making it illegal to pet your dog while driving.

We get that it really isn’t about being dog-haters but about distracted driving. Thus the proposed legislation would also ban reading, writing and applying makeup while driving. It doesn’t say anything about rocking out to your favorite tunes while driving, but they’ll inevitably get to that someday.

But lately, and by that we mean in the last six months or so, we have nearly been creamed four times by people clearly preoccupied by their kids.

With the little darlings now relegated to the back seat, when they inevitably act like kids, and Mom or Dad looks or reaches behind the seat to give the standard “don’t make me stop this car” speech aren’t they similarly distracted?

We said we were nearly creamed.  The reason nothing happened is that we were watching the other drivers.

In one case at a four-way stop, it was not the other driver’s turn to go. Still, they started into the intersection anyway, all the while jawboning with kids in the back.

Perhaps we could make duct taping hands and mouths a requirement as well.

In short you need to be aware too. Watch the car pulling up to a stop sign.  Is he going too fast to stop? Or the person who makes a right turn from a stop sign when oncoming through traffic can’t possibly miss them unless it slows down or moves over.

In short, you need to think ahead too. One of the best pieces of driving advice is to drive like everyone else on the road is an idiot.

It won’t  stop every accident but it will help at least as much as not petting your dog.


Roach control.

If you spent any time listening to the made-for-TV movie they are calling a committee hearing involving Michael Cohen, did you have a visceral urge to purchase roach spray?

The most interesting thing about the hearing was that Cohen’s shoulder seems to be just fine.

The rest of it seemed to be warmed over old news, other than him telling Congress that they were all crooks too.

Actually we mostly agree with him, but then roaches do exist in colonies.

Democrats may have hurt themselves putting this creepy-crawly on TV, because you sort of got the impression that he is performing  a pre-written script.

Cohen just comes across as a sleazebag no matter what he’s saying, and it’s hard to listen to him and believe anything he says.

Granted, we didn’t listen to the whole thing. Who could, unless they are into self-flagellation?

Maybe Cohen will hurt the President, particularly if something he says contradicts something in the written testimony Trump gave Mueller, assuming of course that there is proof Cohen still isn’t lying to Congress.

That remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure though.  Disbarring this insect was the right thing to do. Better late than never.

The socialist pollution collusion.

There’s a lot of buzz going on over AOC’s Green New Deal (GND), as well as Dianne Feinstein’s conversation with little kids over it.

Perhaps instead of arguing with 10 and 12 year olds, Senator Feinstein could have presented them and their elders with some of the following information instead.

Just how much good would the GND do to fix air pollution worldwide? According to some scientists, if we adopted everything in the GND, it would clean up the environment by 1/10 of 1%.

Maybe we should hold off until the rest of the world can match our environmental quality first.

Just what U.S cities rank highest in pollution? Where does the U.S. rank in terms of pollution creation?

Well, out of 500 cities ranked by WHO in 2018 by particulate matter pollution, there isn’t one U.S. city on the list. As for countries, the U.S. isn’t in the top 11, also according to WHO.  In fact it doesn’t even make the top 75, ranking 86th out of 106 according to

That gives a lot of credence to the argument that the GND is mostly about government control of industries and the population, and far less about cleaning up the environment.

Those kids weren’t trying to be disrespectful.  They have been propagandized to believe that the big bad United States and the fossil fuel producers are literally trying to kill them. That would scare any kid.

The problem is, it just isn’t true.  Let’s tell our kids that, instead.




TGIF – February 22, 2019

Look out, Phil.

While watching the snow pile up, one thought comes to mind. Wringing Punxsutawney Phil’s furry little neck.

Actually if you live in a high desert state, snow is a good thing, especially if you use irrigation water.

That doesn’t make it any nicer to deal with wind driven snow and skating rink roads.

Somehow though, it does set the mood for what has been a particularly nasty week of news.

First we have a narcissistic little creep who seems to think that making more money in a week than many people make in a year means he is somehow being disrespected.

With any luck Jussie Smollett can get free room and board for a few years.  Maybe that will make him appreciate what he had a bit more.

Then we have lachrymose Congress members upset because the President is trying to shut off the holes in the border because they wouldn’t, while at the same time we have a football team owner accused of partaking of the favors of sex-trafficked  “masseurs.”

And Andrew McCabe whose story changes every time he is interviewed. This guy changes his story more often than a fashion model changes outfits at a runway show.

And of course there is the Socialist New York congress-girl who is too dense to understand that the billionaires she hates generate jobs with their billions. Better no jobs at all than Amazon, right?

We could go on. And on and on and on, but you get the point.

There are some weeks when you should just turn off the tube and read a good book.

This was one of them.

Commentary on the news.

Forgiveness or foolishness?

It really doesn’t matter where Hoda Muthana was born, or at least it shouldn’t.

What does matter is that she didn’t have this epiphany that she should be able to repatriate to the U.S. until ISIS had been essentially evicted from their caliphate.

The closest she should be able to get to the U.S. is a room in Cuba. She can talk with the FBI from there.

In this case forgiveness isn’t divine, it’s plain damn foolishness.

We understand that she has parents and a family who were probably devastated when she joined ISIS, and that she has a child who was not born a jihadist, and we feel for them.

That still does not absolve her from four years of calling for jihad against Americans.

Perhaps she is repentant, but if she is just looking for a place to light so she doesn’t wind up dead, she could just as easily recruit for ISIS as speak against them.

Better that she stay away.

An actor he ain’t.

Jussie Smollett supposedly concocted his little drama because he was dissatisfied with his $65,000 per episode salary.

Based on how well he played his role in his made-up hate crime drama, he’s overpaid.

This sounded fishy from the beginning. Who would leave a clothesline “noose” around his neck for any amount of time for the police to see? Wouldn’t you want that thing off as soon as you could remove it?

Only in tinsel town.

Still not holding our breath.

We’ll believe the Mueller investigation is wrapped up when he hands it to AG Barr. Until then, we’ll keep breathing.


It’s not Trump’s money, guv.

Note to California Governor Newsom…the money you don’t want to return is American taxpayer money.  It wasn’t a personal loan from the President.

Putting aside the wrangling over the border security funds, the question is, since some of the high speed rail project has been built, should California get to keep the money fronted by the Feds?

Most building contractors would tell you “no”, based on how banks treat construction loan advances.

Let’s say you want to build a house or an apartment building. The bank agrees to lend you “X” amount of money for your costs, and advances you say 15% of the funds so you can buy materials and begin the project.

Partway though you determine you can’t sell the building after it is done, so you cancel the project.

Does the bank just let you keep the money it advanced, as a gift or something?

Not just “no” but hell no.

It’s not the taxpayers’ fault that your high speed rail project is a massive boondoggle.

This cavalier attitude toward government funding is typical of many politicians. They seem to think that it’s Monopoly money.

A lot of taxpayers worked very hard for that money, and they have a right to demand that it be used responsibly.

Give it back, Governor.  If your state got ripped off by the contractors, then get it back from them. It was not a gift from us to you.