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About those nonessential employees.

At some point in time, the partial government shutdown will end.  It might be in 2021, but it will end.

Which brings up an interesting question. The total of the so-called non-essential and therefore furloughed (laid off) employees is reported to number about 850,000.

How many of the so-called non-essential employees could we just leave on furlough? We all know you virtually can’t fire a government employee, but what if we just really don’t need all of these folks?

Normally that would be an awful thing to do, but there will never be a better time for them to find another job.

It’s tough to find out what positions are considered nonessential, but it appears to be positions such as clerks, janitors, or receptionists.

Oh yes, and those folks busted for playing computer games on their government-funded work stations.

Even assuming these employees are at the low end of the pay scale, say about $9 an hour, you are talking about 15% of the nonessential personnel to equal 2.5 billion dollars.

Obviously no one is going to do this, but with the suddenly debt-conscious Dems worrying about the “wall” funding adding to the national debt, it does provide a funding mechanism.

We bring this up only to show that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

It isn’t money the government lacks to fund a barrier or wall or fence to help funnel illegal immigrants to choke points, it’s the will.



Tomorrow:  Two years in, what do Trump voters think about their choice now?


TGIF – December 28, 2018

Beware bait-and-switch candidates.

According to reporting by the Wichita Eagle, it appears a couple more Kansas lawmakers pulled off a con job on the voters, running and being elected as Republicans and immediately  switching over to the Democrat party upon winning their contests, bringing the total now to three.

Many people have long thought that Arizona’s Jeff Flake(y) is simply a Democrat is disguise, but at least up to now he hasn’t officially switched parties.

It isn’t against the law to switch parties, but it might be if you deliberately deceive voters to get elected. That’s the ultimate “false flag” operation.

You might even call it collusion.

Will Mexico defend its own border?  

The Mexico News Daily reports that another caravan of some 15,000 is on its way to the Mexican  border initially seeking asylum in Mexico, but it is rumored to be eyeing the U.S. as its eventual goal.

It remains to be seen whether Mexico will stop them at the border and require them to enter through just one port of entry as has been previously reported.

It also remains to be seen how Mexico will react if bombarded by asylum seekers expecting to stay in Mexico, as has happened in the U.S.

With liberals from both the U.S. and Mexico now laying the xenophobe label on Mexico, the country may now get a chance to walk a mile in its northern neighbor’s shoes.

Governor Moonbeam is at it again.

Apparently California wants to put up its own satellite to find out which countries are polluting the most. OK, it’s their taxpayer’s money, and even though that information is already available, maybe Cali thinks they can do it better.

But what then? Will the California governor fine India? Stage a sit-in? Apply a carbon tax?

In other words, what’s the point?

And finally…

By now you have presumably heard the report of a legal immigrant cop being killed by an illegal immigrant criminal.

Which causes us to ask, when the cop killer is caught and presumably convicted, will ICE be allowed to go to the prison to deport him after he does his time ?

After all, this did all happen in California.

Big tech did not invent socialism.

A man named Joel Kotkin, writing for the Orange County Register, penned a piece on what he calls “oligarchial socialism,” in which he posits that the Big Tech founders are the purveyors of an upcoming socialist America.

It’s an interesting take on mid and late 21st century America, and many of his theories have their roots in reality.

It’s also perhaps a too easy, even simplistic explanation of how we have been getting to an increasingly socialist America.

His conclusions regarding current process may be spot on, but this all began before Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg were even born, or one might even say, manufactured.

There has been a socialist subculture in America at least since 1901.  It briefly morphed into the American Communist Party, but never really lost its essential identity, and is now returning to its “democratic socialist” roots, ala Bernie Sanders and the mathematically challenged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Although often equated politically with Russia and Nazi Germany, it is essentially just good old-fashioned feudalism. A few people own and exploit everything for their own benefit, i.e. they seek to attain and then maintain their position at the top of the pecking order.

Mr. Kotkin displays a fine disdain for what he calls the “…soap opera administration” of Donald Trump, but seemingly fails to recognize that a good share of the people who elected him did so because they recognized the slide toward socialism.

Oh, they may not have called it that, but they damn well knew something was very wrong with the direction of the country.

They knew that increasingly, their children and grandchildren were neither prepared for nor desirous of fending for themselves.

It’s taken a while to turn formerly independent Americans into subservient lap dogs.

Back as recently as seventy-five to one hundred years ago, it was considered shameful to be supported by the government. “Taking welfare” was something that defined you as a failure, whether it came from a church, a community or a government.

When Social Security first began paying out benefits, however meager, many older people refused it, even though in 1935 many were still suffering from the effects of the Great Depression.

They believed, and rightly so as it turned out, that there is no such thing as free money.

For every free thing the government has given it has extracted a price, and that price is freedom. The people that think that way today are maligned as heartless fools denying sustenance to people incapable of earning their own way.

Preach that long enough, and you will eventually find yourself working for credits instead of cash.

One day, each hour worked will earn you a day’s housing, or a small bag of groceries, or the right to travel a certain number of miles on government-approved transportation.

That might be stretching it a bit, but not as much as you may think.

Back in the “bad old days” if you wanted a car, you didn’t ask your parents for one.  You went out and earned the money to buy some old clunker, and you kept working until you could afford a better one.

That’s called incentive, and that’s what democratic socialism is intent on finally removing from the America of today.

Why would you work hard to save up for a home, if the government will give you one? Why strive to attain new skills to get a higher paying job, if the government will see to it that you have a subsistence income?

So, no matter how scornful the left is of the  Republican rubes clinging to their guns and Bibles, they may be all that stands between the America where everyone wants to live, and just another feudalist kingdom.

Think about that in 2020.

A peek at 2019.

Although President Trump is ticked off that Mitch McConnell won’t institute the nuclear option for legislation, we may be glad it didn’t happen, even for the border wall.

News outlets are reporting that at least 40 House Democrats, in a paroxysm of socialist glee, will introduce legislation to fund free almost everything. They plan on paying for that by cancelling all the Trump tax cuts after January 3, and we will get to see just what we could expect should Dems ever again take over the presidency, not to mention the entire legislative branch as well.

Needless to say that with a GOP Senate, those bills won’t make it to the Oval Office, but it seems likely that the far left wing of the House will give it a go anyway.

That’s assuming that they can find time to do so while they “investigate” all things Trump.

One thing we probably won’t get is, you guessed it, a border wall.

It seems likely that with only eight days to go, the Dems will hang in there on the shutdown, especially since they can blame President Trump for it.

It isn’t just Democrats though.  It remains to be seen if President Trump can adjust his style to fit the new “normal.”

Technically, he shouldn’t have to do anything but let the House socialists hang themselves, but to do that, HE’s going to have to become the adult in the room.

Take for instance the latest death of a child brought into the country illegally.

Democrats are already trying to hang that around the President’s neck, in spite of the fact that the little boy died in a Texas hospital, where he was taken not once but twice by Border Patrol personnel.

That should be a sorry example of why we want to stop or severely curtail illegal immigration. If you want to reason it out the way Democrats do, this child, and the little girl before him were victims of the open borders policy, even if the immediate cause was a cold or something such as rotavirus.

It’s up to the President to make those kinds of fact-based arguments, not just name-call and bluster.

In short, if you thought 2017-18 was a bitch, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Christmas 2018

Musings wishes everyone a Happy, Merry Christmas!    Back on Wednesday.

Shutdowns and sellouts.

It may be the Trump shutdown, but it’s also the Schumer and Pelosi sell-out.

As in this quote from Schumer…”If you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall.”

Dems are crying buckets of crocodile tears over the “immorality” of the wall.

Take Rep. Al Green  (D-TX) and his histrionics over children being temporarily held at a border control station, in which he theatrically decried the fact that “babies and little children were sleeping under foil blankets.”

Apparently lost on Green was the fact that if these kids were at home in their own beds or living in asylum in Mexico where they should have stopped first, they wouldn’t be sleeping under CBP foil (thermal) blankets.

The Pelosi-Schumer duo apparently don’t care that it isn’t Trump’s wall.  It’s the nation’s wall, and it’s the nation that is being sold out.

For some reason, the Democrat figureheads don’t give any credence to the Border Patrol officers who go on TV and testify to Congress that a “wall” funnels the illegals into areas where they can be arrested.

Also lost on them is that not all these illegal immigrants are virtuous Mommies and Daddies seeking asylum, usually of an economic nature.  Many are smugglers, traffickers, killers and drug peddlers.

For what it’s worth, the public is wise to all this political bulls—t, and they clearly feel that American citizens are an endangered species in Washington.

Also of note is that Democrats want to broaden the permissible asylum grounds to include domestic violence.

You have to wonder where women who are U.S. citizens are supposed to go to escape domestic violence.

If you had the manpower to check it, there are probably women like Gabrielle Bessix killed or savagely beaten every day in spite of having restraining orders against their attackers. Where do they go for asylum?

Democrats have no desire to “meet the President halfway.”  If they did, they would take him up on his offer to trim his $5B request down to $2.5 billion while keeping the barrier funding.

The public knows this is about power, not barriers.

TGIF – December 21, 2018

Who wants the wall?

According to Democrats like Schumer and Pelosi, Americans don’t want a wall, i.e. any physical barrier to illegal immigration, and furthermore, “experts” in the CIA say it won’t help anyway.

Well, at least 200,041 people (as of 12:29 p.m. EST) apparently do want a wall, and they are willing to put their money where their mouths are.

That’s how many people have contributed to the best-known fund-raising site on GoFundMe, raising $12,196,949 in just four days.

Three days ago Musings brought up some of the pitfalls of trying to fund the wall privately, and we continue to note that there are some serious questions to be answered with the GoFundMe campaign.

Not the least of these is that GoFundMe does not commit to returning donor funds if the campaign falls short of its one billion dollar goal, or if the money can’t be given to the Treasury as a restricted donation.

Still the site gives the lie to the Dems contention that “no one wants the wall,” the CIA’s biased opinion notwithstanding.

Ying and Yang

On the heels of praising the President for his stance on the wall, we find people asking WTF! about his decision to pull all the troops out of Syria.

It is true that he campaigned on not fighting every other nation’s battles for them, but he also reamed former President Obama a new one for pulling out of Iraq too quickly, leading to the rise of ISIS.

It appears he is about to do the same thing, once again leaving the Kurds to twist in the wind.

General Mattis made it abundantly clear that he sees the action in just that way.

Mattis is a warrior, truly a Marine’s Marine, so the fact that he wants fighters to keep fighting in both Syria and Afghanistan  isn’t a surprise.

In the President’s defense, we don’t seem to want to WIN some of these battles, particularly after 17 years in Afghanistan. That doesn’t necessarily mean pulling out is the answer.

Perhaps Trump is using some reasoning we are not privy to, but on the face of it, this is maybe going too far to keep a campaign promise.

And finally…

If Luis Gutierrez decides he doesn’t like politics anymore, he could always audition for “Best Actor in a Congressional performance.”  He’d be a winner, hands down.