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Breaking up might be the answer.

No, this isn’t advice for the lovelorn.

Before the last presidential election, a number of people were heard asking why we have to have just one center of government, and we are hearing that again (or is it still?).

Why, they asked, shouldn’t various regions of the U.S. have their own semi-national government bodies, with Washington D.C. being reserved strictly for military and international politics and only the CEOs of the localized governments populating DC and being allowed to make decisions for the regional areas?

The cons of that system are obvious, but what about the pros of the  idea?

For instance, let’s say that we divided the U.S. into five  areas.  East and West coasts, northern and southern strips and a central area, defined by size and population and with firm borders between them.

That way, if the East and  West Coasts wanted to be socialist or gun or religion-free, so be it, but they could not impose their will on say, the Northern tier.

Also, the residents of these five areas would be a lot closer to their regional leaders, making it a lot harder for the “leaders” to ignore their voters.

Of course there is that little thing called the Constitution, but heck, no one in DC seems to care much about it today anyway.

We make no judgment on the idea one way  or the other, but we do point out that the fact that the idea is still floating around indicates that there are still a lot of people who feel betrayed by, and contemptuous of, Washington D.C.

And we would note that those are the people who voted for the current President the last time around.

The real reason the House isn’t voting.

What’s the big deal about having the House of Representatives vote on the impeachment “inquiry?”

It has almost nothing to do with “embarrassing” individual senators.

The real reason is that as long as they don’t vote, Republicans, as the minority, cannot issue subpoenas or ask any questions of witnesses.

In short it hamstrings them, allowing Democrats to have sole control of the impeachment process.

Never mind that someone like Michael Mukasey, the 81st U.S. Attorney General, says that the President asking Ukraine and China to investigate Biden isn’t an impeachable offense.

What about  the suggestion that the FBI and CIA should be the people investigating Biden?

Right. The two agencies who tried to keep Trump from even being elected should investigate Joe Biden, the man Democrats see as the most likely person to defeat Trump in 2020. As we have said before, it is naive to think that ALL the individual agents love Trump.

Actually, assuming the fix isn’t in for Biden in the same way it was for Hillary, Liz Warren is far more likely to be Trump’s 2020 opponent, but that’s a story for another day.

Back to the prospect of voting for the inquiry. Nancy Pelosi knows exactly what she is doing by refusing to hold a vote, and she didn’t need AOC and the three other squabs to tell her what to do.  The longer she can keep Republicans from asking embarrassing questions or sending out subpoenas of their own the better it is for the Dems.

Kind of sounds like dirty pool, doesn’t it?

What you think.

How is all this impeachment discussion affecting “swing” Trump voters, the ones who voted against Hillary rather just for Trump?

Here are some of their comments:

“This isn’t just about Trump.  What scares Democrats is that 62 million people are not fooled by the corruption in Washington, and impeaching Trump isn’t going to change that. These people are in office to further their own ends, not to “serve the people” which  is a complete fraud.”

“Impeach him for what?  Telling the truth about Biden?”

“It isn’t so much that I “like” Trump. It’s about stopping the Demo-Coms from turning the U.S. into just another socialist state.”

“Why would I vote for people who want to tell me what I can eat, strip me of my 2nd Amendment rights, raise my taxes, take my health insurance away, and tell me what kind of car I can own? If stopping that means voting for Trump again, count me in.”

The only way I wouldn’t vote for him again is if there is a smarter Trump out there. He sticks his foot in his mouth too often, but at least now we can see how crooked Washington really is, and that’s thanks to Trump.”

Sounds like some of us are still not fooled.








TGIF – Sept. 27, 2019

More TDS.

Arghh.  Do we really have to go through all this again, especially over a  person who is apparently a professional gossip?

Well, a professional something, at any rate.

If this “whistleblower” were to be on any witness stand spouting his drivel, the first words out of the opposing attorney’s mouth would be “Objection, hearsay.”

The complaint specifically states that the complainant was not a direct witness to any of the charges, and of course we now have the complete  transcript. Read them and make up your own mind.

Most people’s reaction is “enough, already.”

The good thing about the transcript of the call being released is that it leaves Schiff and the Squabs looking a bit hysterical, with Schiff doing a bad impression of  “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”

The bad thing is, no foreign leader will ever trust any President’s vows of confidentiality again, not that the Trump attackers give a damn.

Vaping deaths…Why now?

Vaping has been in the marketplace for years, so why only now are people dying or getting really sick?

Of course as usual the answer to that question is to ban all vaping, and oh yes, sue the pants off the manufacturer.

Whatever you think of vaping or smoking, millions of people reportedly have been able to quit smoking using the product as it was sold. Less than 1000 report problems.

Instead of looking for the deepest pockets, maybe we should find out by whom and how the product has been adulterated.

2016, again.

As been discussed ad infinitum, many people voted for Donald Trump because they thought he could both expose and fix the corruption on both sides in Washington.

He gets an A++  on the first, and an F on the second.

That’s because the only way to fix the corruption would be to level the place, figuratively speaking.

If you think people were fed up with DC before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

In the past six months or a year, more people than ever before are asking why the people should take orders from a place which neither understands or cares about Middle America, democracy, or indeed the concept of America in general.

The veracity of their concern is being showcased as never before by the rush to impeach President Trump.

Note to Nancy Pelosi…believe it or not, the smelly people can  both read and understand your motives .

Is it sedition?

Are the many attacks against the current President and those who back him commensurate with sedition?

Technically, no.

According to the information available on “FindLaw” ( sedition, or more properly, seditious conspiracy is defined thusly:

“According to the statutory definition of sedition, it is a crime for two or more people within the jurisdiction of the United States:

  • To conspire to overthrow or destroy by force the government of the United States or to level war against them;
  • To oppose by force the authority of the United States government; to prevent, hinder, or delay by force the execution of any law of the United States; or
  • To take, seize, or possess by force any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof.”

 In other words, just hating Trump and wishing to end his presidency does not constitute overthrowing the national government, since the government could go on without him.

That said, the way the hard left attacks Trump and everything he does should be some sort of crime stronger than harassment, primarily because it interferes with the governance of the country.

Every minute that the President has to spend on defending himself or even just reacting to the never-ending conspiracy theories is a moment that he doesn’t spend on making the best decisions for the United States.

Additionally, the Trump supporters who are attacked or doxxed by the never-Trumpers as white supremacists and worse are having their rights to vote and speak infringed upon.

That, the last time we looked, is a violation of the Constitution.


TGIF – Sept. 20, 2019

Trump-gate 5.0

If this Congress had been in session, we would probably have lost WWII and the Berlin Wall would still be standing.

Apparently Trump isn’t supposed to talk to foreign leaders about anything, which is kind of a problem for a president.

In their never-ending crusade to find something, anything, to impeach the President for, Dems in Congress are implying that Trump was doing something nefarious in a phone conversation with a foreign leader.

As the President himself said in a tweet, he knows that all of his phone calls are monitored by both the good guys and the bad guys, so he probably wouldn’t be dumb enough to have a treasonous conversation  with another world leader, which is what Adam Schiff seemed to imply yesterday

Of course today there’s different story (he’s after Joe Biden’s son, Hunter), and tomorrow there will probably be another one. The problem is, the left has cried wolf so many times, nobody is listening anymore.

What we do know is that the constant crusade to get Trump out of office is just plain odiferous.


Supposedly millions of people world-wide marched to confirm the dire reality of man-made climate change today.

If, as some say, the world is ending in ten or twelve years we can see why letting kids out of school to protest it is OK.  After all, what good is an education if we’re all going to be wiped out before some of these kids even get their first job?

On the other hand, are these protests going to stop it?

As we have said before, the climate has swung one way or the other since long before pre-humans quit swinging from trees. And we would be beyond stupid not to agree that some of the things man does are detrimental to the environment, at least in their local areas.

But enough with all the politically motivated doomsayers. No wonder teen suicides are up, if we are telling them they are all going to die anyway.

This climate disaster meme has been going on since the 1960’s, and it mostly benefits politicians.   Check out this compilation of failed doomsday proclamations at the Competitive Enterprise Institute for a history of some of the more ignominious examples.

You will find that the L.A. Times ran a piece in 1967 in which some “expert” predicted worldwide famine by 1975, and suggested that involuntary sterilization was the way to help fix it. Today of course it’s people voluntarily eschewing childbearing to save the planet.

In 1979, we were going to perish from another fast-acting Ice Age, according to an article in the Washington Post.

Later on it was the likes of Al Gore and Prince Charles (yeah, the one in England) who were sure we were all going to burn up.

Now the hurricanes are being blamed on climate change, even though we’ve been having hurricanes or their Far East cousins, typhoons/cyclones for as long as we’ve had oceans.

And yet we keep falling for it. Who says it’s our brains that distinguish us from the lower animals?

No more hugging the homeless?

Apparently the EPA is going to cite San Francisco for pollution caused by the homeless epidemic. We would suggest that a better agency to tackle the issue would be the CDC.

Who will save us from the saviors?

Musings  has commented before that what really pissed off Democrats about Trump winning was that it put a great big kink in their plans to convert the U.S. into a socialist or even communist state.

That has become increasingly clear over the past three years.

Take R.F. O’Rourke’s plan to heavily fine people for owning so-called “assault rifles” until they turn them in, and the 2nd Amendment be damned.

But that’s just one of hundreds of indicators we could mention.

Trying to comment on all the tactics and goals of the Democrat party is like swishing your hand around in a great big pot of runny poop. Useless and highly unpleasant.

That is what it was like watching the Judiciary committee interrogate Corey Lewandowski yesterday.

Somewhat lost in the whole sideshow was the fact that President Trump was completely cleared of the so-called “collusion” charges, which makes it highly unlikely that he “obstructed” anything.

Not lost was that Democrats in general and Nadler, Lee and Co. now look like a bunch of people suffering from OCD.

Just the sort of people you would want to elect to keep the country safe from Iran or North Korea or yes, even Russia.

But who keeps us safe from them?