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Impeachment, the flip side.

If you have been watching any of the coverage of the impeachment hearings and come away asking yourself “Is this all just a little bit too pat, too perfect?” we’ve got a deal for you.

While channel-hopping over the weekend we happened upon “Revealed – Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff’s Case.” an investigative piece on One America News.

This isn’t a channel we regularly watch, but given that the interviewees were three actual Ukrainian officials, it seemed worthwhile to hang around for a bit. If you fancy yourself a fair-minded individual, you might draw the same conclusion.

We aren’t presenting this with any conclusions.  You will however get a different slant than what has been presented up to now.  This isn’t “Fox News Sunday.” You can access the piece (which runs two hours, and still has another hour which was unaired as of Sunday night) on the website.

Bear in mind that the three officials are being interviewed here in the U.S. Three others ran into unexplained “visa difficulties” and couldn’t leave Ukraine. These aren’t hearsay witnesses.

Obviously Monday is not going to be a slow news day, but given the past history of results from the other Horowitz report, we would suggest that this is going to have approximately the same real news value as did the Mueller report. At worst, it will be a nothing-burger in terms of producing actual results.

At best it will raise questions about the validity of the FISA court process.

We have long said that ANY court which has so little curiosity relative to the origins of  requests for subpoenas that only hears one side of an argument is no court at all, and perhaps proving that maybe we don’t need the FISA court as currently constituted will be the real value of the report.

As for the impeachment?  Well, Rep. Al Green seems to think any white person should be impeached, since over 150 years ago his forebears were slaves. He seems to forget that America abolished slavery in 1865, following Britain in 1833 and France in 1848.

Prior to those times nearly every nation on earth was involved in importing Africans as slaves, courtesy of the nation of Portugal on whose ships these people were transported as part of the Atlantic slave trade.. In fact the importation of slaves was banned in the U.S. in 1808.

We certainly don’t know what will happen in November of 2020, but if just being a white man is reason enough for impeachment, we’re making a pretty good guess.

But we digress. Give a listen to these three Ukrainians. You may have some questions that Democrats are surely not going to explore this week.

And a-w-a-a-a-y we go.

Well, she went and did it, to absolutely no one’s surprise. Of course we are referring to the oh-so-Catholic Nancy Pelosi giving the go-ahead on impeachment.

The thing is, we believe her when she says she doesn’t hate the President.

We do take issue with her hiding behind her ashes, however. This has nothing to do with faith. It’s just business.

It will be interesting to see what specific articles they come up with.

Apparently, going to the courts for legal opinions is “obstructing” and questioning Ukraine about the shenanigans surrounding the 2016 election is bribery, or quid pro quo or something.

One thing is for sure. All those ISIS-like cultists who voted for the President are pretty convinced this is just another step in the all-too-obvious attempt to pull off a coup.

As for good ol’ Joe the Smurf, let’s not forget he was part of the effort to stop the President from even being elected in yes, 2016. That’s bound to leave a mark.

So now we can quit speculating about “will they?” and sit back and see how they do at this impeachment thing.

In the meantime, is there any chance the House might get around to USMCA, or any of those dull and boring things they haven’t been doing?

A tip for a Happy Thanksgiving.

You’ve really got to wonder about people who view people on one side of our political spectrum as ISIS cultists, a definition reportedly given to Trump supporters by an MSNBC contributor by the name of  Malcolm Nance.

Does that presuppose that the people on the other side are members of some other cult, say Branch Davidians or some other “religious” cult?

All of this puerile name-calling has become not just ridiculous but counter-productive. Honestly, listening to some of these people makes one wonder if we are looking at a case of mass arrestment of brain development.

Assuming you are even paying attention to the impeachment folderol in Washington, (and many people aren’t) what good does it do to label every person with an opposing opinion as some sort of evil doer?

Still, this is bound to come up at the dinner table tomorrow. If you’re lucky, everyone at the table agrees and if you are not lucky, there won’t be much “happy” about the holiday.

My family (comprised of both Republicans and Democrats) had the perfect solution to this. In a nutshell, it was called “shut up and eat.”

Seriously, at my house you didn’t talk during dinner, unless it was to say pass the potatoes. The idea was that someone had spent a lot of time to produce a good meal, and letting the food sit around and get cold was no way to honor that effort.

Once the dishes were cleared and the leftovers were in the fridge, then we could sit around and gab all we wanted, and we did.

Try it.  You might like it.

TGIF – November 22, 2019.

OK we admit it.  We did not watch every minute of the “impeachment inquiry” BS, as we are not into masochism.

But we did watch some of it, and if that drivel is going to be the basis of impeachment, we suggest buying your favorite liberal a truckload of crying towels for Christmas.

Between a brass-polishing Lt. Colonel, and the histrionics of Adam the Schiffter, this could have almost qualified as a comedy. Almost.

Mr., er, Lt. Colonel Vindman, like most of the rest of the cast, has a right to presume anything he wants. He can presume the moon is made of gouda, not green cheese, if he wants.

But good gravy, since when do we impeach a President on anyone’s presumptions?

This claptrap has long since gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, and if random comments are any indication, the Democrats are doing a lot more to re-elect Trump than is his own party.

More bad food.

According to the USDA, more than 97,000 lbs. of Romaine lettuce is adulterated with E. Coli. Honestly, how does this stuff get on our store shelves?

And in the same ABC article, apparently cottage cheese and chicken products are also unsafe to eat.

Maybe we’d better stick to real meat burgers?

About cheaper Rx prices.

Recently we saw an ad for a drug and in the fine print (very fine) it noted the drug’s retail price was $3,354 a  month. Of course the maker and some of the discounters noted that large discounts were available, but still, over three grand a month?

We do understand that some of the “overpricing” goes into research and development, but shouldn’t there be some other way to fund those endeavors?

Perhaps taxpayers could voluntarily contribute to a fund for R & D, and get a tax credit for it?

There’s gotta be a better way than taking it out of the hides of patients and insurance companies.

Aiding and abetting the homeless problem.

Lately there has been a lot of blowback over cities like Las Vegas “heartlessly” removing the homeless from main streets and thoroughfares.

This reminds me of a small town that made it illegal to give money to the homeless who were “begging” at shopping malls and on street corners.

Needless to say that invoked a furor from social justice types.

So why the rule?

Because an undercover operation showed that almost without fail, the homeless immediately went and bought drugs with the money.

The mayor of the town made it very clear that people could still offer food to the homeless, but would be charged as accessories to drug trafficking if they gave them even so much as a dollar.

Instead residents were asked to report the  “homeless” to the city, who then went out and attempted to place them in appropriate housing, although most wouldn’t stay.

After awhile, the little town (population about 19,000) became known as a place to avoid, and the homeless problem virtually cured itself.

When I was growing up you seldom saw a lot of “homeless”  They were processed as vagrants and either jailed or placed in mental health care.

Then came the push to empty the mental health facilities due to discovery of abuses in some of those facilities.

This display of misplaced compassion certainly did nothing to assist the genuinely mentally ill and it exacerbated what we now call the homeless problem.

Admittedly, a small town has a better chance to handle the problem at the local level than a San Francisco, Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

Still, the idea that it is somehow compassionate to allow people to live like stray dogs, defecate on city streets and further the use of drugs is one that only a looney liberal (or a drug pusher) could advocate.

Could a little common sense and a lot of public pressure fix the homeless problem? It might be fun to give it a try.

Doubling down on double-dealing.

Throughout the closed door hearings of the past two or three weeks, Adam Schiff has vehemently denied that he stopped Republicans from asking questions or prevented them from calling witnesses of their choice.

His performance during the pre-rehearsed televised hearings made it clear that Schiffter the Grifter was, once again, playing fast and loose with the truth.

If you watched on Wednesday and Friday of last week, one of the most repeated Schiff phrases was “the gentle(man or woman) is not recognized.”

And what about those closed door hearings?  Aren’t they supposed to go public now?

If you believed that, there’s a bridge for sale you ought to look into.

No sooner had the cameras quit recording the Friday performance by former Ukrainian  ambassador Yovanovitch than Schiff retreated back into the cozy confines of the SCIF to rehearse with career employee Mark Sandy, currently serving in the White House OMB, and  who is certainly no Trump loyalist.

Let’s be clear.  Not everyone who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 was in love with him.  They just disliked Hillary Clinton even more than they did Trump.

Having said that, a substantial number of those people are now firmly committed to vote for Trump in 2020, no matter which Democrat finally represents that party.


For one thing, against all historical odds, Trump actually has tried to keep the promises he made while campaigning.

For another, the failure of Democrats to sell the Russia collusion mantra has caused even the most hardcore political skeptics to look twice at accusations against the President.

Someday we will get a look at the Horowitz report, and the Durham investigation will mature.

At that point, attempts to impeach the President may take on a very different

TGIF – November 15, 2019.

Why Bloomberg will lose the nomination.

According to the media, Michael Bloomberg has just committed to spending 100 MILLION dollars on anti-Trump ads.

How many beds and hours of treatment would that buy for the nation’s homeless?

Like her ideas or not, the reason Elizabeth Warren is polling high is because she is actually PRO-something.

No wonder some people call her party the Dumb-o-crats.

Trump should listen to Bill Clinton.

Even a broken clock is right twice  day, and for once Bill Clinton has some good advice for President Trump.

To paraphrase the former President:

Shut up, leave the impeachment stuff to your lawyers and aides, and do good things for the country.

It doesn’t seem as though President Trump got the message, and he is already in hot water with the MSM over a tweet this morning.

While we agree that the tweet was not an attack on the witness, sometimes least said is best mended.

Google goes many steps too far.

Apparently Google (and Apple and Amazon) never heard of HIPPA.

Google’s “Project Nightingale” is amassing and storing the health histories of millions of Americans in the cloud, and that’s not cool.

Having your entire health history available to anyone  who can bypass the security protocols or make up a good excuse to view it is the worst sort of invasion of privacy.

This type of wholesale storage is not necessary to deliver tele-health treatment. It sure would be great for advertisers that want to sell you the latest miracle cure though.

This is something that should be prohibited by law.