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Time to ban professional sports?

Retro racism is a big draw for liberals these days, but they are sure selective about how they choose to punish it.

As you may have read, the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers couldn’t get the hacksaws out fast enough to take down the statue of the late singer, Kate Smith, who died 33 years ago, over a song she performed in 1939.  She didn’t even write the song, just recorded it.

That followed the lead of major league baseball’s New York Yankees, who suspended use of her recording of God Bless America  during the seventh inning stretch.

Of course that’s the same Major League Baseball who practiced flagrant segregation until 1947, when the then Brooklyn Dodgers brought in Jackie Robinson at first base.

Lots of sports were segregated back in 1939, 1909, and even 1899, and it wasn’t just black men who were discriminated against.

Althea Gibson didn’t break the color barrier in women’s professional tennis until 1950.

Perhaps we could have some modicum of understanding for retro racism if the left didn’t use it so selectively.

Prior to the 1940’s segregation was pretty much the de facto standard in America. It isn’t hard to find some famous (and usually white) person to make an example out of during that time.

If your political tastes run to trying to blot out history, then at least be honest and ban most of the professional sports that people sit on their lardy backsides and watch.

Until that happens, please spare the rest of us your pious virtue signaling.


TGIF – April 19, 2019.

Was the Mueller report focused on the wrong target?

The Mueller report states that Russia did seek to interfere in our political process, not so much by changing votes but by seeking to create chaos in the country itself. No one seems to be disputing that conclusion.

It would be hard to argue that aim is being fulfilled every day since Donald Trump was elected. Which party has been at the forefront of all this chaos?

Well, it doesn’t seem to be the Republicans.

Even post the report’s release you have would-be gumshoe, ambulance-chasing Democrats  STILL going on about Trump, and now AG Barr, and all the other post election garbage they can create and shovel.

And that leads us to wonder anew whether this isn’t about a lot more than just losing the election.

Are the Russians just that skilled in picking out the pea brains that will, in the interest of getting their own name in the headlines, unwittingly further the Russian playbook or is it more than that?

Certainly Jerry Nadler knows that it is illegal for Barr to hand over all the grand jury material, yet he demands it anyway. After all, if Dems get the one million plus written statements and interview briefings, they can keep their game going easily to 2020, and beyond if Trump wins again.

Swelled head Swalwell has about as much chance of becoming President as a flea in a bonfire, but running for the office ensures that he will be quoted as he calls for Barr’s head.

Let us not forget that famous “hot mic” moment just before the 2012 election.

Saving Notre Dame.

Some people in and outside of France are having heartburn over all the money that is being donated to rebuild Notre Dame.

This isn’t about Catholicism.

We have lost so many historical monuments and writings over the past few decades. The Nazis,  ISIS, and even groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter have destroyed so many things that are part of the world’s historical record.

You can be a Catholic or an atheist and still understand that Notre Dame is a part of our collective history, and not just another grand building.

Having said that, it would behoove the people collecting these donations to have just one website or address to pledge the money.  Scammers never miss a chance to exploit tragedy.

This is progress?

Science has set out to create warm-blooded androids with the latest nascent technology being a way to implant a chip in your brain so you are always connected to the internet. They say this will be commonplace by 2050.

Well, at least you won’t have to carry a phone or tablet around then.

Seriously, relieving us from the burden of having human emotions is not progress.

Moving along – or not.

Hey Congress…we’ve got a couple of bridges around here that need to be replaced.

Fat chance of that happening for awhile though, as long as Democrats are still suffering from TDS.

Maybe trying to unseat Trump is such an addiction that only involuntary commitment to a treatment facility will cure it.

If you ever had any doubts that some Democrats were and still are trying to invalidate the votes of 63 million people, today’s reaction to the Mueller report should set you straight.

Take the obstruction of justice charges for instance.

If a person can be indicted for what they think, then just about all of us could be on trial.

Even the charges that the President “ordered” some people to “shut down the investigation”, while concerning,  comes to nothing, because that didn’t happen. The President didn’t need anyone else to shut it down, because it was his right to do so, and he didn’t.

And, if you can think about it rationally, his frustration is understandable, given that the President knew none of his people “colluded” with Russia.

Frankly, the best way to stop this is to vote out the people who seem to have a vested interest in continuing this meme ad infinitum.

It isn’t productive and it’s beginning to make Nadler, Schiff,  Pelosi and rest of them look more like foreign agents themselves, rather than representatives of the people.

Apparently we will still have to sit through more hearings, with AG Barr and SC Mueller being scolded by Democrats for not getting rid of that dastardly SOB in the White House.


Can you even imagine what happens if Trump is re-elected? Nancy may stroke out right in the halls of Congress.


Much to-do about everything.

Having what we believe is a healthy skepticism for “polls” we decided to ask around to see how many real people will read the Mueller report, as well as whether it will change any minds.

Out of 27 people identifying as “independent” that we asked, just 2 said they would read it end-to-end. Largely, their responses were along these lines:

Read 400 pages? No.  I might skim the conclusions. Do I care what it says? Look, Mueller was sent out to find a crime to fit the Democrat’s  collusion talking points. Just the fact that he didn’t is enough for me. I’m probably a Trump voter and the report would have to have something pretty bad in it to change my mind”

Likewise people who either don’t like Trump or are just tired of politics in general care even less than that about the report.

Note that last group.

Many people who were generally infrequent or even non-voters prior to 2016 voted in that election.

We (the national “we”) have been brought up to believe that by voting our convictions, we can effect change through nonviolent means.

People now feel that maybe that’s not always true

As we have said before many of those 2016 voters had a sense of unease after eight years of the Obama presidency, largely due to number 44’s ongoing put-downs of America.

Whether it was “change” or just a need to know why any American President would do that, those people voted against Hillary and her party.

For those voters, they were looking for that transparency candidates always go on about.

No one thought that Democrats would be happy about her defeat, but few if any thought that Democrats would actively work against a duly elected President after the election.

The last 24 months have proven to many that their vague uneasiness about Democrats was well justified, and turned many who were at best lukewarm about Donald Trump into staunch supporters.

Others are just retreating into political somnolence again, and that’s not a winning strategy for either side.

President Trump has a habit of stepping all over his own successes, just because of the style of his messaging.

For instance he still loves to assign nicknames to his opponents, which at this point in this election cycle tends to look sophomoric.

It isn’t disloyal for Trump supporters to expect more of him, especially given that now he knows that style is costing him votes.

This early on he is wasting time by trying to nickname every candidate in an attempt to marginalize them.

He would do better to run against the 20 or so candidates en masse because of their Democrat policies and leave the name-calling out of it, at least until just two or three of them remain.

Democrats at this point are doing a pretty good job of digging their own political graves. Who are we to stop them?



What did Bernie really say?

What most Americans say they would like to hear from Democrats is a discussion of their actual policies, complete with operational information without ever saying or referring to the word Trump.

Bernie tried hard on part one, but failed miserably on leaving Trump out of it. He says Dems will lose if they run on hating Trump, but he sure made it clear that yeah, he hates Trump.

So leaving Trump out of it, what did Bernie say last night?

Let’s look at socialism and healthcare.

He did admit that even middle class taxes would have to go up to have money to pay those medical bills.

He also said his form of socialism would address the economy.

The economy.  Think about that.

Many people say that socialism needs capitalism so that the government would have incomes to tax.

Actually, no it doesn’t.

All socialists need to do is CONTROL the economy, and the easiest way to do that is through wage and price controls.

Thus if you mandate a certain minimum wage, say fifteen dollars an hour, but require the businesses to charge no more than thirty dollars an hour, you would know exactly how much money they would be making after expenses. The only way they could make more money would be to cut non-wage costs, like for instance, health insurance.

Anything the business made over thirty dollars an hour could be taxed or even forfeited to the government.

That’s a vast oversimplification, but you get the idea.

BTW, we’ve had wage-price controls several times during our history, usually to support the military during a war. I can remember my parents kept several left-over ration books for gasoline, tires, and even food of certain types after WWII.

The last wholesale peacetime (and political) use was during the early days of the Nixon administration.

Those are kinds of issues we’d like to see politicians address honestly. Ask them how exactly are you going to “cut costs” and “increase” wages.

The rest of these bumper sticker slogans are just that. Bumper stickers.

TGIF – April 12, 2019.

Note to readers:

Sorry this is on Saturday, but as we all know, computers are great when they work, and a pain the arse when they don’t.

Did Dems expose their soft underbelly?

The President floated the idea of busing illegal entrant asylum seekers to sanctuary cities and/or states and Democrats bit like a trout on a big fat worm.

Some, to their credit, backed up their politics and said sure, send them along. Most however, just freaked out.

No matter how you spin it, you heard Dems like Schiff, Pelosi and Schumer saying the equivalent of “not in my backyard.”

Supposedly there is some sort of legal opposition to sending immigrants to specific cities or states.

Yet, that’s already happening. People all over the U.S. tell of waking up and finding an extra dozen or several dozen brand new school kids that apparently arrived overnight.

Meanwhile border cities in the U.S. are complaining that they just can’t absorb any more “asylum seekers.”

The question now is, was this just a troll, or will President Trump do what he threatened?

It remains to be seen, but the more Dems bitch about it, the more likely it is to happen.

Another immigration question yet unanswered.

How many times have you read about someone committing a crime and you see the words so-and-so has been deported X times?

That’s yet another reason for sealing the open border and forcing people to enter through the ports of entry, although it isn’t clear whether all of these people jump the border or are missed when coming though the ports.

The bigger question is, what can we do to stop it, period?

Hopefully that’s something we can work on after the election.

FDA finally agrees to study  opioid rules. 

On April 9, the FDA finally admitted that there is no one-size-fits-all opioid dosing policy, and that sudden withdrawal or too low maintenance dosages for terminal or chronic pain patients who  “… are physically dependent on opioid pain medicines suddenly having these medicines discontinued or the dose rapidly decreased. These include serious withdrawal symptoms, uncontrolled pain, psychological distress, and suicide.”

It’s only taken them three years to acknowledge the problem.

The FDA is now collecting reports from patients, families and doctors so they can “further study” the issue. To  report something, the FDA release includes this information…

“To help FDA track safety issues with medicines, we urge patients and health care professionals to report side effects involving opioids or other medicines to the FDA MedWatch program, using the information in the “Contact FDA” box at the bottom of the page.”

This is the contact info:

For More Info
855-543-DRUG (3784)
and press 4

Report a Serious Problem to MedWatch

Complete and submit the report Online.

Download form or call 1-800-332-1088 to request a reporting form, then complete
and return to the address on the
pre-addressed form, or submit by fax to











Why are Dems so slow to learn?

Democrats and MSM mouthpieces are now attacking AG William Barr as a corrupt official who is in President Trump’s pocket. Soon they will probably begin attacking him in restaurants, if past performance dictates future conduct.

It seems the height of folly to make an enemy out of any Attorney General, but particularly this one.

AG Barr doesn’t seem to be the type that scares easily.

So why would Democrats once again try to intimidate anyone who questions the motives behind the attacks on the President?

It would be so much easier and wiser just to say “Hey we wouldn’t want this to happen to a Democrat, so fine, check out Comey, Strzok and the rest.”

Instead they reacted like kids caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Of course, it’s fairly likely that the “unauthorized surveillance” involves a lot more than a few DOJ/FBI people who “didn’t like” Trump.

In fact, this all sounds a lot like people with something of their own to hide.

Of course it could be just Trump Derangement Syndrome, the natural reaction of Washington snobs who don’t think the President is their cultural equivalent.

Somehow that just doesn’t explain how in the space of less than a month the AG went from being a man of high moral and legal integrity, to an ass-licking Trump flunky.

If Democrats have nothing to hide, why freak out like this?

This whole thing isn’t over, not by a long shot.