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Is this normal now?

This political “incivility” did not start with President Trump, although it is a fact that he certainly can and does keep it going.

For instance, many of us found former President Obama’s covert racism and open contempt for the people “…clinging to their guns and Bibles” anything but civil, and still do.

That said, at least President Trump had the grace to condemn the Pittsburgh shooting and the person sending bombs around the country.

His opponents didn’t skip a beat, blaming Republicans in general and the President in particular right out of the gate.

Even HRC, with her usual tact, made it clear that until her side was back in power, incivility would be the order of the day.

In other words, this may be something we just have to learn to deal with.

That makes it even more important for people to “say something” when they see someone going off the deep end.

Someone saw the Pittsburgh murderer’s rants. The problem is,  the people who would follow him online might well tend to be of his stripe, and he was on a platform most of us don’t use.

As daunting as the task might be, that might require law enforcement to spend more time searching for these crazies online.

We also have to get over the idea that hate speech and free speech should be equally protected.

Threatening people with genocide or bodily harm should not enjoy the same protections, and that may require us to more clearly define the definition of hate speech, from a law enforcement perspective.

Hopefully the actions of these two dirtbags will not spawn copycats, but again, if you see or hear something, say something. The life you save might be your own.


TGIF – October 26, 2018

Sometimes, we can’t fix it.

Liberals and Trump critics are crying crocodile tears over the plight of the migrant caravan, and criticizing the President for refusing to let thousands of unvetted people, some of whom freely admit that they have been deported before, swarm our border.

That leads us to ask “Short of just inviting the whole world to live in the United States, what should we do about it?”

The migrants themselves have said what smart people already know. It doesn’t matter to them whether we send money to the Central American governments or not, because the people never see any benefit from it.

That would seem to leave our government with two options.

One, take the money away from the people it is benefitting, namely the people running the corrupt governments, or two, invade the countries, depose or dispose of the corrupt officials  and take over the governments ourselves.

No talking head or loud-mouthed senator or representative seems to have any answers that fall between open borders and conquest.

The middle ground could be for the people themselves to try a little harder to fix their own circumstances.  That we might be able to help them do, if they had any desire to do so.

Sometimes, we can’t fix people’s lives for them.

Making a statement.

It  will be interesting to see who is behind the spate of would-be IED’s. and what motive is behind the attacks. Authorities are reporting one person has been taken in for questioning, so we may soon find out.

Make no mistake, these are attacks. Even if the devices aren’t rigged to blow up, sooner or later one might get too hot, or be jostled too much and blow up by accident, killing  innocent people.

On the face of it, the incidents have the look of someone who is upset over the never-ending attacks on the President by the liberal left. Sort of a crackpot’s way of saying “shut the hell up.”

If so, this isn’t the way to do it.

If he, she, or they really want to get under his critic’s skin, vote.

Can you imagine their doom and gloom on November 7, if instead of a blue wave, we get a red flood?   Priceless.

Living in looney-land.

The news yesterday and again today was and is pretty much saturated with stories about the pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats and other anti-Trumpers. It’s pretty much all you hear if you tune into any news program.

Funny how the letters filled with a powder determined to be a ricin look-alike sent to Republicans didn’t seem to bother them all that much but hey, it’s election season.

Along with all the hype over the bombs, none of which has detonated, were the usual obligatory calls for civility.

That lasted about as long as a snowball in a deep-fat fryer, with New York’s governor admonishing “highly placed elected officials” for their rhetoric.

We agree.  Auntie Maxine shouldn’t be siccing people on members of the other party.

Both sides are guilty of over-the-top rhetoric, but the left barely took a deep breath, while the President did at least acknowledge that threats of bodily harm should have no place in American politics.

All that got him was attacks on his press secretary and the rest of his administration by the likes of former CIA director Brennan and CNN’s Jeff Zucker.

In short, it looks like no one has gotten the message and this close to the election it’s highly unlikely that very much will change.

It won’t be too long until the FBI figures out who is behind these packages, and whether they were sent by some psycho who thinks he (or she, or they) are helping Republicans, or just someone looking for attention.

They might even be false flag attacks, perpetrated by someone who thinks that by making Democrats out to be Trump’s victims, they can energize the Democrat base.

We just don’t know, but we will, probably sooner rather than later, and you wouldn’t want to be the person responsible once the FBI zeroes in on them.

At the tipping point.

As Musings has been saying for some time, sooner or later the constant leftist attacks on conservative politicians, all Republicans and just plain people who voted for the President, not to mention the overheated rhetoric and name-calling from the MSM, was sure to cause some nut job, probably on the other side, to take it to the next level.

As the news reported yesterday and this morning, that’s apparently happened.

The Secret Service and some news readers are advancing the line that it might be “just some mentally ill person looking for attention.”

Uh, anybody that designs and builds an IED and drops it in the mail is a nut. That’s conceded.

The Secret Service is very good at what they do, and it’s more than likely they’ll scoop this person or persons up before too long.

That doesn’t change the facts. If you pick at a scab long enough it’s going to bleed, and the disappointed Democrats have been picking away for two full years.

And still the left doesn’t get it. The first thing that came out of this was that this was all the President’s fault.

Not really. There was bound to be someone out there who was going to get tired of being called a racist, or a homophobe or a misogynist, etc. etc. etc., who would decide “hell, if I’ve got the name, might as well play the game.”

We can only hope no one gets hurt or killed. That proves nothing.

It’s only 13 days until you can vote. In fact in most states you can vote now. Surely we can endure the Joy Reids’, Juan Williams’, Don Lemons’ and the like that long.


SCOTUS short-punts on census citizenship question.

In 1970, I worked for the U.S. Census Bureau, going to homes that had received the long-form questionnaire (the first year it was used) but had not returned it.

I seemed to remember that there was a citizenship question on it then, and a quick review of the history of that question proved that my memory hasn’t completely failed me. Moreover, as I remember it, most people did answer “no” when asked if they were citizens, assuming that they weren’t.

So with that in mind, why did the SCOTUS defer considering the constitutionality of including the citizenship question in the 2020 census, and indeed why is it even a question now?

Like most things today, the answer is politics, and it has seldom been more relevant, as 7,000 or more people head for the U.S. border like homing pigeons.  Roughly 80% of people in the caravan (the single men) know they can’t apply for asylum, and vow on camera to “swim the river” to get in.

It is obvious that fear of corrupt governments or drug cartels isn’t the only thing driving them, since they could apply for asylum or even just refugee status in Mexico.

Various institutions claim that there are from 11 million to 22 million undocumented people living in the U.S.

Some counties and even states have a much higher proportion of those people than others, notably the sanctuary state of California, and various sanctuary cities throughout the nation.

Now, even 22 million is well short of 10% of the total population, but when many of those folks are concentrated in one voting district, it can seriously skew such things as money for Federal programs and yes, voting. It even impacts programs and funds to assist non-citizens, such as the ESL (English as a second language) programs in the schools.

If the number stayed static, perhaps we could learn to deal with it.  For instance, we could just adjust California’s legal resident population down by 10 or 15 per cent.

As we all know, that number isn’t staying static, and new numbers released by the CBP today will reflect that.

We have a right to know how many people aren’t here legally, although it is probably true that the number will still be inaccurate.

After all, who in their right mind would admit to having committed one or more  criminal acts?

After all, it is illegal to evade or lie on  the census, and you can be fined from $100 to $5000 for doing so, never mind that the underlying act is a crime. Not that little things like the law really matters to politicians and phony social justice warriors today.

It’s time, indeed it is past time for the Supreme Court to weigh in on this. We’ll have to see if they punt for the end zone next time.

Coming to a boil.

Talk to plain old people about the Central American “caravans” and you quickly realize that most of them are just plain fed up with all the political wrangling and social justice bleeding hearts.

“This isn’t complicated. These people are invading our country, carrying flags of their home countries, and should be stopped cold. They are supposed to stop in the first country they come to after leaving their own countries, so why not just boot their butts back into Mexico?”

“The President is not going to use the Army to stop them, because if he does the f——g liberals will burn half the country down. Read the Second Amendment again, the part about maintaining the ‘security of a free state’.  We are entitled to and should form a national citizen’s militia to back up the Border Patrol, and stop them ourselves without force if we can, but with force if we have to.”

“Look at these people on TV. Probably 80% of them are young men of fighting age. Maybe they aren’t coming here with guns, but they are invading our country as surely as if they were all dressed in camo. And they aren’t just from South or Central America.  I saw on the news where there was a whole bunch of Chinese people too. Last time I heard, China doesn’t like us very much, so why do those people get to come in?”

“These 5,000 or 7,000 people are the next Dreamers. Some bleeding heart will make the same argument about them that Obama did about the original Dreamers.”

“So their countries are s—tholes. That’s their problem.  If they spent half as much energy cleaning up their governments as they do on getting here, they could fix their countries and then businesses would want to go there, and then they’d have jobs.”

“You know why Congress doesn’t fix this? Because they don’t f—–g want to fix it.”

These aren’t white supremacy groups.  They are ordinary people who are simply fed up with the situation.

Most of them recognize that there is a place for seasonal workers, but they fear them because we no longer have a workable guest worker program that would allow people to come in to work but then force them to go back home until next year.

They also recognize that a certain number of these people coming here are just out-and-out criminals, and they rightly ask why we should be forced to allow the importation of gang members and terrorists.

And so it goes. This latest caravan, mostly because of its size, has the potential to create a situation that can go very, very wrong, very, very quickly.


Posse Comitatus Act does not apply.

Immediately after the President threatened to close the border using the military, liberals brought up the Posse Comitatus Act. Several readers of this blog also mentioned it.

Some people seem confused about the difference between the National Guard, which is essentially a state militia under the nominal command of state governors, and the regular armed forces.

The Act limits the powers of the federal government to use federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States. There are exceptions to the rule enumerated within the language of the Act.

That Act, passed during the term of Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878 and later amended several times, does NOT prohibit the  federal military from being used to defend the United States from foreign invasion.

If it did, that would mean that if we were being attacked by a foreign power, the military could not be used to defend the country, which is obviously ridiculous.

Since laws governing entry into the U.S. are Federal, not domestic, i.e. state or city laws, the President is free to use the military to defend our borders.

Wait a minute, you might be saying. This isn’t Russia sending warships across the Bering Sea to attack Alaska.  It’s just people who want to come here to work. In fact one commenter did say words to that effect.

Two things are wrong with that. First, there is some evidence that people tied to guys like George Soros and his groups are paying money to these people to join these caravans and pay the coyotes. Essentially that amounts to raising an army,  basically an act of sedition, and that’s against Federal law.

Second, we know that not all of these people are coming here to work. There are enough bad actors to taint the whole so-called “refugee” group.

Maybe the problem here is in the terminology. Maybe we should stop calling them illegal immigrants or refugees and call them what they are.

What these people who jump the border are doing is committing criminal trespass. It’s no different than me forcing my way into your home and saying that because your house is nicer than mine, you can’t throw me out on my ear.

The sad part about illegal immigration is that it limits the number of people that we can accept through legal immigration.  People who have spent years complying with our often confusing patchwork of immigration laws now can’t get in because their places have been taken by border jumpers.

This may be much ado about nothing if Mexico addresses people crossing its southern border, stopping them before they get to our border.

This isn’t a problem that’s going to be solved in the next 18 days, but maybe, if enough people get off their arse and on their feet we can work on it over the next two years.