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Movement seeks to circumvent Constitution.

Think we have to have a constitutional convention to eliminate the Electoral College?

Think again

Thirteen states, (California: Colorado: Connecticut: Hawaii: Illinois: Maryland:Massachusetts: New Jersey:, New York: Rhode Island: Vermont: Washington, D.C .and Washington) have entered into a compact to award all their electoral votes to whomever wins the  national popular vote.

That effectively means that compact could render the Electoral College useless even in 2020. Currently the above states control 172 electoral votes., and by and large they are all blue states.

That strategy could prove a bit embarrassing if the popular vote goes to the GOP, but the large population states are obviously banking on unaligned voters leaning Democrat nationally.

California, with 39,557,000 people represents 15% of the country’s population. New York state adds another 19.5 million and ranks third in population behind California and Florida.

Just those two states account for more than the total population of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Mississippi, Arkansas, New Mexico, Maine, North Dakota and South Dakota, combined.

Effectively what means that should the The National Popular Vote interstate compact be adopted by just a few more states, red states would effectively have no voter impact whatsoever.

On a somewhat deeper dive, the compact is a sneaky way to turn the country socialist without having to work too hard to elect socialists.

That’s exactly the scenario the founding fathers sought to avoid when they proposed the Electoral College.

At some point the issue of state’s rights in bound to enter into this. SCOTUS may be forced to adjudicate whether this compact illegally seeks to violate the Constitution.

Somehow the idea of the United States of California just doesn’t have a very American ring to it


Fox News, which bills itself as “fair and balanced” seems to have gotten a little teetery recently.

In this case the network seems to have gotten a little politically correct in suspending or maybe banning one of their weekend opinion hosts, Jeannine Pirro.

We have to admit we usually don’t listen to Pirro as it conflicts with another show. We didn’t hear the actual broadcast, and had to look it up to see what it was that she said that was so awful.

After listening, we thought Really? So she isn’t a big fan of anti-Semitism or Sharia law. That’s her opinion.  Isn’t this supposed to be an opinion show?

Quite frankly she’s been just as outspoken on a lot of issues, and her New York delivery style is just as irritating on those issues.

Fox is known for having people from both sides of the aisle on many of its shows, and some of them on the left are pretty damn annoying.

Here’s the deal. You don’t have to watch. Shepherd Smith, Juan Williams, etc. are indeed about as far left as you can go. We always thought that was part of the fair and balanced thing, and we can and do find something else to watch at 3 p.m. ET, and we can hit “mute” if we get too tired of listening to Juan blame everything wrong in the world on white folks.

But suspending a host of an opinion show for having an opinion amounts to censorship by the network.

Knock it off, or lose the fair and balanced tagline.

TGIF – March 15, 2019.

No fat lady yet.

To no one’s surprise, the Mueller team is still playing.

Contrary to all the speculation, Mueller is still merrily rolling along, and in fact has extended the grand jury again.

It’s unlikely that he will wind down until everyone, including Roger Stone, that he has indicted has been tried and sentenced.

It’s unclear how long the new AG will play along with Mueller, but at some point, this is likely to try his patience as well, assuming he is as impartial as he sold himself to be during his confirmation.

This could take awhile, considering that Roger Stone’s trial date is way out in November.

Like we said earlier, don’t hold your breath. So far we can’t even see the fat lady.

Kroger and Walmart’s Amazon strategy.

Kroger and Walmart are reportedly now in full fledged online competition with Amazon. That’s obviously a survival strategy for them, but they need to keep their walk-in customers in mind too, particularly as regards price

Fred Meyer, a Kroger subsidiary, has recently been changing up brands, rearranging store shelves, and most importantly, raising prices.

Walk-in customers have noted that since the first of the year  brands they have purchased at Freddy’s for years have gone missing, and prices are up by an average of about 15%.

That’s apparently so their online customers can enjoy the “convenience” of having a (paid) clerk or associate shop for them.

Don’t get us wrong.  Shopping online is very popular but walk-in customers are still some of the stores best advertisers, and they aren’t all that pleased with subsidizing the competition.

Eggs are out again.

Another  group of “experts” has gone back a few years to once again explain that too many eggs are gonna kill you.

Is it just us, or are medical “experts” and dietary advice about to become the third most-distrusted group, right after politicians and the media?

What’s with the GOP?

The U.S. Senate, with the help of newly-elected Trump-hater Mitt Romney, R-UT,  11 other RINOs voted to invalidate President Trump’s emergency order.

Also voting with Democrats were  Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah; Rob Portman, R-Ohio; Susan Collins, R-Maine; Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska; Marco Rubio, R-Fla.; Rand Paul, R-Ky.; Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn.; Roger Wicker, R-Miss.; Roy Blunt, R-Mo.; Jerry Moran, R-Kan.; and Pat Toomey, R-Pa.

Of course they say they were actually voting against the use of an emergency order itself, or rather the legislation Congress passed in 1976, but it still comes out to be a vote against Trump and border security.

It’s hard not to notice that increasing border security seems to be out of favor.

Their “constitutional” reason falls awfully flat, given that they could have just as well waited and brought forth a new bill amending or revoking the 1976 legislation as a stand-alone item. At this point in time, Trump’s use of the national emergency order is undeniably legal under the existing statute.

Perhaps they felt that they could make a statement against the legislation because they don’t think there are enough votes to override the promised veto. They better hope they’re right.

In one way this is just a blip, but voters have long memories, and many are beginning to ask themselves why so many so-called Republicans are hanging with the Democrats, as long as they can oppose the President

Even if you aren’t a former Trump voter, it’s hard not to notice that no other President in history has ever been so universally attacked by both parties.

If Trump had accomplished nothing since he’s been in office perhaps this attitude would be understandable. Unfortunately for his detractors, he’s accomplished much of what he said he would do while he was campaigning. You don’t have to like all of what he’s done, or even who he is, but at least he didn’t forget his promises as soon as he got into office.

In contrast, we have R.F. O’Rourke, who swore he wasn’t going to run for President in 2020, right before he announced he’s running for office in 2020.

Starting your campaign by breaking your word seems to be a teensy bit awkward, but maybe that’s just us.

Robert isn’t going to win the nomination in 2020, but what about 2024?  And that brings us to the future Democrat dream team.

Can you imagine an O’Rourke/Ocasio-Cortez ticket then?  They could run as O’Rourke – O’Casio.


All media matters.

Over the past few weeks, much has been made over the DNC refusing to allow Fox News to handle any of the Democrat debates, and one George Soros-backed group is making it a point to try to get one of their prime time opinion hosts fired.

There is a reason why freedom of the press is so prominently highlighted in the Constitution.

Apparently Dems and other left-leaning groups think we need to eliminate that provision.

Fox has been portrayed by the other media as the “Trump Network.”

That would mean that there are five anti-Trump networks and one that if nothing else, covers Trump favorably in prime time.

That’s not to say that Fox  doesn’t have anti-Trumpers as regulars as well.

A case in point is Juan Williams, who almost never fails to reduce any subject to black against white and never more so than when discussing Trump or Republicans in general. Or Shepherd Smith, whose palpable dislike of the President  simply oozes off the screen. Of course he wasn’t a big fan of G.W. Bush either.  Mr. Smith tends to be an unapologetic liberal and Fox apparently doesn’t censor him, although he isn’t exactly a favorite with many of the Fox viewers. Even Chris Wallace occasionally allows his Democrat roots to show.

Wait a minute! Wasn’t Wallace on the debate monitor team? Ooops.

Opinion programs are just that. Opinions.

This post isn’t meant to be a love note to Fox. Instead it’s meant to point out that unlike the state-run media of Russia and China, we are supposed to have a free press.

63 million Americans voted for a Republican in 2016.  They have as much right to hear news and opinion that favors them as do the left-leaning voters who backed Hillary Clinton.

You don’t have to watch Fox or Tucker Carlson any more than you have to watch Joy Behar, but you do and should have the right to choose which one you do watch.

Any person or group that wants to take that right away from you is living in the wrong country

We already have socialism.

If you want to know how socialism would work in this country, forget about Venezuela. You have only to look at cities like New York.

Headlines note that New York City is running perilously close to bankruptcy, and tax-strapped high-income NY residents are paying the state an average ransom of $144,000-plus to leave the state.

The good thing is, they CAN leave.

Governor Cuomo wants to blame the exodus on the Trump tax cuts, particularly the provision that lowered the deduction for property and sales tax insurance to $10,000.

The truth is that if hadn’t been that, it would be something else.

NYC’s mayor DeBlasio, despite the warnings from financial types, still decided to add another $3 billion to the already problematic $89.2 million dollar city budget.

Money really doesn’t grow on trees, and once the city runs out of millionaires and billionaires to tax, the burden either will fall onto more of the middle class or all the liberal goodies will end precipitously.

The logical place to try to make up the lost tax revenue is to increase the sales and use tax bite. New York City already has a combined city and state sales and public transit use tax of 8.875 percent.

The point is, nothing is free.  Not schools, nor health care nor even transportation.

Remember that the next time you hear Bernie or Kamala or some other politician telling you how wonderful all their “free” stuff will be, if only you vote them into office.

Spoiled children are not welcome.

Ever have to endure a kid who barges in on a adult conversation and proceeds to make themselves the center of attention?

That’s kind of where we are with AOC.

Most people will initially tell the kid to go play outside but if they don’t get the message they might exclude them from the room or even send them to their own room. A few will let the little darlings inflict themselves on the grownups, and then wonder why after awhile no grownups want to stay in the room

It’s time to send AOC to her room.

As possibly the worst advertisement ever for Boston College, Miss Cortez is very much like the attention-seeking child.

It is one thing when she can’t figure out how many branches of government there are, but her anti-corporate, anti-capitalism message doesn’t seem to account for the fact that if no one is working, there will be no one to tax.

That’s essentially what went wrong in Venezuela and other socialist countries.

Government can skim off the cream for awhile, but at some point, businesses that aren’t making a profit not only generate no taxes, but they won’t need to buy robots either.

That makes it kind of tough to provide everyone a free living wage.

Socialists need capitalism, a point that seems lost on AOC and her buddies.