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OK kiddies…time to play nice.

It’s beyond rare for us to praise Joy Behar for anything, but at least she had the guts to say what the Schulosi twins won’t.

Joy admitted that the reason the anti-social media went after the Covington kids was because, and we are paraphrasing here, that Dems and liberals hate Trump so much and want him out of office so badly, that anyone and anything tied to him is fair game.

So, those kids’ only sin was wearing a MAGA hat, and that makes it OK to issue death threats against them and their school and families. Got it.

Not that the people can’t see that hatred, but it was refreshing to hear someone own it. So from us, good on ya, Joy.

Admittedly there is nothing good about people not getting paid for working. When President Trump “shut down” the government there is little doubt that he credited his enemies with enough compassion and sense of duty to come to the bargaining table and solve the border wall problem quickly.

And it is no surprise that we won’t be hearing a SOTU speech from the Pelosi-led House on the 29th.

There’s no doubt that if President Trump stuck his head in the door and told her the building was on fire, she would let it burn with her in it before she listened to him.

The problem is, at some point he is going to have to find some creative way to get people paid. A layoff is one thing, but unpaid labor is something else altogether. No normal employer could get away with it, and sooner or later someone is going to sue over it.

It’s neither smart nor fair for all the people working without pay to have to bear the brunt of the left’s hatred.

Quite frankly, since the House is in a mood to impeach, perhaps they should start with the Speaker. She took an oath to defend this country, not open its borders to the world, and her conduct would seem to indicate she is in violation of that oath.

And yes Virginia, there will one day be another Democrat (or Socialist) President, and  elephants have very long memories.

All that aside, we need to get used to the next two years being like this. Irrational hate is just that. Irrational.

If past performance is any indicator, the Schulosi twins and the Democrats will sell out anyone, as long as they can claim a Pyrrhic victory over Trump.

Where were the adults?

It’s sad to have to say this, but welcome to the real world, Covington kids.

This is the world where you are not allowed to think for yourself, or have opinions, or defend yourself against the phony sanctimony of the likes of a liberal TV host(ess) and the people you expect to have your back, won’t.

By now anyone who cares to actually investigate the whole seamy incident has done so, and the others don’t give a flying…fig anyway.

One question.

Where in the name of all that is holy were the adult chaperones? These were juveniles under their care.

Perhaps the adults were also trying not to escalate the situation, but have they never heard of 911?

It was only by happenstance that the kid who found himself stuck in the forefront of that confrontation was not hurt himself, and that he had the common sense to know when he was outnumbered.

Speaking of missing adults, there seem to be a lot besides the chaperones who were and are still missing.

Like all of the Phillips-led group, the so-called Black  Israelites, Jessica Tarlov,  at least some of the faculty and administration of Covington, the archdiocese, and on and on and on.

Some of these kids will take the message that the left is trumpeting and join them out of self-preservation, others will never again let anyone know what their true political leanings are, some will coalesce into hardcore conservatives, and some sadly will just withdraw into a self-protective shell.

Sixteen and seventeen is early to learn the lesson of a tribalism far more vast than that of the Omaha Nation, but at least they will be better prepared for college, should they decide to go.

Nathan Phillips has had a highly checkered past, but one thing he has never been accused of is tolerance for the white race, particularly those who are “religious”.

Even if you excuse him partially for the misbegotten way in which he was severed from his Omaha family by well-meaning but boneheaded white people at a young age, he hasn’t used this latest experience to better his tribe (which fairly or not, is now being judged by his actions), Indian vets, or people in general. There’s no other explanation for why he denies or prevaricates about the facts that we can see in the videos other than he thinks everyone else is blind.

As for the other leg of the triangle, the Black Hebrew Israelites, just Google them.

If these hadn’t been predominately white kids, we could just about make a case for domestic terrorism here.

Once again, it’s too bad when you are forced to grow up so fast, but at least now the kids know what awaits them in college and the politically polarized world we live in today.

Bow, wow, wow

Ever heard a pack of small, yappy dogs triggered by everything including the wind blowing? They bear a remarkable resemblance to the Democrat members of the House.

Those Democrats seem to be dedicated to proving why there should never be another Democrat President.

Even some Democrats are beginning to wonder whether their party can survive the likes of some of the newbies.

“Carl” remarked that “If this keeps up I’m going to have to deny I’ve ever voted as a Democrat, if these mutts don’t get it together pretty soon.

He was specifically referring to one of the chief yappers calling for a 70% tax on the rich, as well as pledges by other Dems such as Virginia’s Bobby Scott to harass members of the Trump administration.

Carl continued “I don’t like Trump, but this obsession with getting even or harassing people just because they can is bulls—t. That’s not governing. And I do have to admit that I can’t complain about getting a full-time job after working part-time for three years.”

That’s something Democrats apparently don’t recognize.  It isn’t just Republicans who are tired of the swamp and the constant partisanship.

On another subject, apparently Covington Catholic High School kept the school shut down today. One has to wonder why any of the students involved in the dustup would want to go back, given that their school joined the rest of the lefties in condemning them without even thinking twice about it.  How very Christian of them.

It’s been quite a weekend for the MSM and the anti-social media.. Actually these span more than just the weekend, but who’s keeping score?

One pile of poop has to be the Buzzfeed story. This sounded “off” from the get-go. If Buzzfeed wants to prove it is legit, they might have to burn their sources, whose last names might start with “C”, “M” or “O.” (How’s that for rank speculation?)

Then there is the “Red Meat eaters killing the planet” meme.   We note that one of the reasons humans developed bigger (if not necessarily better) brains was the addition of protein-rich red meat to their diet. Does this mean that white meats like pork and fowl don’t contribute to global warming? Ever smelled hog and chicken poop?

We also couldn’t omit the creatively edited “tribal elder” story. We understand that the students have been offered free legal representation if they want it.

And finally, the several new “caravans” making their way through Mexico, heading for the U.S. border. One man was interviewed who said point blank that the U.S. has no right to stop them from  entering, or to beef up the walls. He clearly already knows that the border is closed to illegal entry, he just doesn’t care. Makes you wonder when we can call this an invasion instead of migration.

There’s several more, including the President’s efforts to keep the Speaker of the House corralled in Washington, where she’s at least available to negotiate with after his speech.

Speaking of her Speakerness, she sure has a problem accepting facts that don’t fit her TDS crusade, reportedly blowing off the DHS claim that the Secret Service is fully prepared to provide security for the SOTU address.

Numero Uno.

But the big one of course is the reaction to the President’s Saturday address to both the nation and Democrats, laying out his plan to arrive at some sort of solution to both the government shutdown and the border security issue.

Why is this silly s—t? Because Democrats including his Schumerness had already said the propositions in it were a no-go before the cameras even went live.

If Democrats are so afflicted with TDS that they made up their minds in advance to reject it, perhaps they should be removed from office and committed to a facility that can treat it.

The talking heads, i.e. media commentators including some at Fox, immediately decided that the address was only made for the purpose of shifting blame for the shutdown to Democrats.

OK, fair enough. Maybe that was part of the motive, but there was a lot of compromise on Trump’s part as well.

In a normal world, the points made in the address would be made in private meetings between the legislative and executive branches.  The fact that the President’s offer had to made live on television speaks to how totally f—–d up this government we are forced to support with our tax dollars really is.

Case in point. The President said that mothers were giving their daughters birth control pills before they start on these caravans because they know they have a good chance of being raped.   He also said 1 in 3 women report being sexually abused on these marches.

The Fox commentator, Arthel Neville, “fact-checked” those two statements on the spot by saying she had never heard that said before. Actually that claim has been reported before, by NGOs, Border Control agents and DHS as well as Amnesty International (check out page 15, Section 2  of their PDF, online)as far back as 2010.  So if it isn’t true perhaps she had better find a bone to pick with those groups. Either that or clean out her ears.

Maybe you don’t like the “solutions” in the President’s address. That’s your right. But this crap has to come to a full stop and if it doesn’t, perhaps we should cut off the blood supply, also known as our tax dollars, until it does.


TGIF – January 18, 2019.

How many of these people do we need?

It’s unlikely anyone would like working for free, much less under a compulsion to do so.

That being said, almost all Americans are not OK with the partial government shut down as it relates to people having to work without pay because they are “essential.”

But what about those “nonessential workers?”

One of the departments being discussed is the FDA.

Do we get our money’s worth from them? Considering the reported 10% increase in the number of foodborne illnesses in the past 72 months, we wonder.

Lately it has seemed like we are warned against lettuce or chicken or something almost every week. In fact, these foodborne illnesses are killing 3,000 people a year according to the reports.


Is it that there are a whole lot of irresponsible farmers and processors, or is it because the USDA and FDA aren’t doing a good job of detecting problems before the products make it to store shelves?

We don’t know, but before we call all these nonessential people back, maybe we should find out if we need them.

Why are you here, House member?

If your Congressional representative is back at home already, perhaps you should ask them why.

Monday, Jan. 21 is a Federal holiday, but the House is taking off from then until February 5, according to Roll Call’s congressional calendar. Many actually took off much earlier.

That makes it very hard to see how any meetings or votes could take place for at least the next two weeks.

We don’t have a problem with elected representatives going home for a day or two every few months to collect constituent input.

In 2017, the full Congress worked 145 days out of an available 261. That’s a pretty good deal, if you can get it, for $174,000 a year.  In fact it works out to $1200 a day.

Maybe locking everyone in a room until they get border security and funding for a border barrier  ironed out so we can end the government shutdown is a pretty good idea.

It would sure make life easier for ranchers and property owners whose property abuts said border. It would also cut down on the number of dead immigrants and prayer rugs CBP has to pick up from those rancher’s land.

And finally – ISIS isn’t dead.

ISIS isn’t dead, it’s just relocating. ISIS and other radical jihadi groups are not dead. Would it could be so, but it isn’t. However, pinning our troops down to any single geographic region isn’t going to do much to make that happen.

That said, we wonder why every single administration, including this one, finds it necessary to blab our military plans. Loose lips sink ships.

Who needs spies, when you’ve got Twitter or the New York Times?


You’re grounded!

Sometimes you just have to sit back and chuckle.

We refer to President Trump withdrawing permission for Nancy Pelosi to use a military jet to junket around overseas.

To be perfectly frank, many Americans have a problem with members of Congress using military assets for their own personal use, such as flying home. The Speaker doesn’t work for the State Dept., so it is hard to see what legitimate business she could have overseas.

Actually the House Speaker isn’t truly grounded; she can still fly commercial, or even buy her own jet.

Ostensibly the President’s decision was made because with Pelosi overseas, there will be no chance for her to cooperate in performing her governance duties at home, i.e. working on the border wall issue or the partial government shutdown.

Not that she has any intention of doing that anyway. More than likely, unless she heard of a great shoe sale in Paris, she’s planning to use the trip to undermine Trump.

All along there have been people warning that Democrats need to be careful about overplaying their hand when it comes to working against the President.

It’s becoming patently obvious that they already have.

The petty, childish attempt to stop the President from delivering the SOTU address, the insistence that there be no compromise on including barriers in border security as well as the many snarky comments is wearing thin with Americans.

We hate Trump is not a strategy for governing the country.

It’s no wonder that it’s hard to believe that opening the government, even for just three weeks, would produce any substantive progress on funding border barriers.

In fact if you believe that, we know where there is a nice used bridge for sale.

Observations from Main Street.

Californians, take note.

Seen on an Ada County (ID) bumper sticker:

Californians – Stay home and fix your state instead of coming here to f—k up ours.

This may be in response to reports that cash-flush Californians are drastically driving up real estate prices in the Boise area, to the point that locals can’t afford to buy a home.

Some people are calling these interstate travelers Republican refugees fleeing California’s hard left politics, but people who live in the areas they are targeting say that isn’t necessarily true.

“Henry” who lives in a suburb of Boise says his new California neighbors purchased a 5 acre ranchette, offering nearly $100,000 above the $310K asking price to outbid another buyer.

He says these people are more like an advance guard than refugees. “They hadn’t been here two weeks before they were telling us how California transplants like them could ‘help promote diversity’ in the area”

People in other targeted states like Arizona have offered similar observations.

The hell of it is, they think the rubes are too dumb to notice.

Really, Madame Speaker?

The Speaker of the House sent a letter to President Trump today, asking him not to give the State of the Union address to Congress, citing security concerns.

Her reason?

She was worried about security because the Secret Service and Homeland Security personnel aren’t  getting paid.

However, she neglected to do any homework to see if those security people were ready and able to provide their normal overwatch duties.

Kind of like how she didn’t bother to talk to Border Patrol agents about their opinions on a border barrier.

Turns out the security measures are as good as ever, having been in the development stage for months.

There is something truly rich about her concerns for security, when it’s HER security.